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    Looking for a 4wt 8'6" Winston Pure or Air2. Not looking for anything else....
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    Originally said no Sage rods but I have rethought my madness and now consider everything, even another ONE...BUT MUST BE A 5 WEIGHT ROD!!! Anyway have an awesome 486-4 Sage ONE rod, which some say is the best in the ONE lineup. I certainly preferred it to the 5wt version of this rod. Rod is in...
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    This is a like new St.Criox imperial 8 foot 6 inch 4 weight fly rod for sale. We received this almost new fly rod on a trade in and are asking for $100. You can contact us via PM or call the shop at (253)4722420. $10 shipping via UPS CONUS. Thanks, Anil Puget Sound Fly Co.
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    Sold I purchased this rod and reel new in July 2016 for 1 week in Colorado. It may be a while before I am in front of a trout again. Besides hand marks on the cork, the rod is in like new condition. There are no nicks or scratches. The reel is in new condition... absolutely perfect. I will...
1-4 of 4 Results