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    Looking for a newer 7wt rod (prefer 9 or 9’6”) for throwing streamers. Preference is for fast modern models in the mid to high end range but will consider medium fast and lower end models too. Here is a list of a few models I’d be interested in (not all inclusive). If you have something you...
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    I have a new SAGE SONIC 7wt rod. This would make a great Steelhead rod. I'm looking to trade for an SAGE ESN 3wt rod, or possbily a 6/8wt Rod. May also consider trades for reels or similar value. Any questions, feel free to send me a PM! Thanks
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    Bauer Mackenzie M3 Large Arbor Reel in Like New condition. Comes with 20lb backing. Line Weight: 7/8 Capacity: WF7 + 175yds of 20lb backing Weight: 6.8oz Pictures available at: https://www.flyrodexchange.com/en/listings/771174-bauer-mackenzie-m3-reel
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    The rod's only been used a handful of times and is in perfect condition. I decided to focus my limited fishing time on trout and figured it's better someone else uses it vs. it sitting in my closet. Any questions let me know. Thanks.
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    The rod's only been used a handful of times and is in perfect condition. I decided to focus my limited fishing time on trout and figured it's better someone else uses it vs. it sitting in my closet. Any questions let me know. Thanks.
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    I'm selling my Beulah 7wt Platinum Switch set up. I've moved across the country, and it has just been sitting in my parent's garage for the past year. I used the rod once - on a rain/bear filled two day camping trip to Vancouver Island where not a single fish was reeled in. I'd say its in mint...
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    Selling a very lightly used (2 days on the river) TFO BVK Spey 13’ 7 weight (450-650gr). The BVK Spey series is the newest Spey line from TFO and it’s lightweight, pretty fast in action, and can really huck! I own the 6-8 in this series and the 7 hasn’t gotten enough play. I’d call it a 9.5/10...
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    I have a New Winston Kairos 7wt 13'3" that i won at a fly show and it just came in mail strait from Winston. I don't think i will ever use this rod and would rather get a trout spey or maybe single hander for some steelhead fishing so putting this rod up for sale. here is the link for more info...
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    I got a prince of Wales alaska steelhead trip planned for April and am in the market for a 12'6 or 13' 7wt setup. Budget for rod reel line is around 500
  10. Saltwater
    Wondering if anyone has used this reel? And Over what line weight ranges ? Listed as a 6-9 wt reel. Just looking for impression, pros and cons, critiques et al. Thanks
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    I have a Redington Dually and Ross CLA #5 reel for sale. I also have some braid backing on the reel, rio slickshooter running line and 500g Rio skagit head with a type 4 or 6 (cant remember) sink tip on it. I used this setup twice since it was a spare. I'm cleaning the house and this needs to go...
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    Selling a like new Redington Link 4pc 10' 7wt with cool carbon fiber looking tube and rod bag. Rod is like new, never fished it only practice cast on lawn.....I don't really have a need for 7wt, my intention for this rod I never made the trip so time to sell $170 shipped Paypal redington Link...
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    I bought this rod about 3 months ago. It casts extremely well as a single hand spey using 270 GR SA Spey Lite, or an OPST Commando. Also great as an all-round single hand rod or nymph rod. Love it, but with an upcoming change in location, there is another setup that I need more and this won't be...
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    What have you got ? Reel and spools are as new . Reel is black one extra spool is black the other is silver . an extra spool would be nice as well. Nautilus , Hatch , etc.
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    Sage Salt 7wt, lightly used in freshwater only. Sale includeds sock and tube. $375 shipped conus.
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    Selling a Absolutely Beautiful Winston Model LT This is a 9' 7 Weight .5 pc Rod with a removable Fighting Butt. Rod is in Perfect condition and has no Issues . Asking $400 for this very Hard to find rod. pictures up tomorrow
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    Not sure what to ask, but the rod in is fairly good shape and withe Original Rod tube & sock. It will come with an Extra Tip, which is handy if you accidentally break it & dont have to wait on SCOTT to fix your rod.
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    Sage One 7wt 9' w/ the original sock, tube and blank warranty card. The rod is in great shape with the exception of some discoloration/ rusting on the tip guide (see photos). Let me know if you have any questions or would like some additional photos. photos: $450 shipped conus
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    For sale Rio Switch Chucker in 7wt. I bought it new, and used only a few times, mainly testing on my rod. The loops are still like new see pics, comes with the box. 35$ shipped in CONUS. Paypal. SOLD
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    Recently purchased a Winston 13'3" 7wt from a member and turns out its not my cup of tea. Was looking to trade for 6,7, or 8 wt beulah onyx or platinum spey rod. I already have a 13'3" platinum so looking for something other than that. The cork on the Winston is in great shape, although there...
1-20 of 67 Results