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  1. Saltwater
    In mid-Oct. I decided to do some major work on my boat and it was not done until the end of Dec. that the job was completed. So I was anxious to again chase after winter resident coho. The first part of Jan. the resident coho fishing was very good in the northern part of Marine Area 13. Most...
  2. Saltwater
    As mentioned in another thread, rinsing gear is a pain. I saw this idea a few years ago and thought I'd share it. Pick up a cheap garden pump sprayer and fill it with water and leave it in your truck. On long days you can do frequent rinses to remove salt and you can give a good final rinse at...
  3. Classifieds
    Like the title says, I'm after a Cortland CL 7/8Wt Spey Rod (I have a 9/10 and a 5/6, so the 7/8 would round out the collection nicely! (Though I'm not in a huge rush, I'm not going to pay $400 for a rod that sold for 100-200 bucks new)
  4. Site Help and Suggestions
    This Post is in Reference to the Administrator, and all the Other Followers who just like to jump on the Band Wagon when someone starts some shit...It seems like they all come out of the woodwork and all have something to say........We received a Ration of Shit for the last week or two about a...
  5. Lakes
    Had a blast chasing fish at Pass this afternoon. Trying to scare some Browns so I stayed till dark. Got a couple of bites just before dark on a black leech, but as it got darker I was wondering if the fish could even see my fly. I've been told that fast stripping minnow flies can be effective in...
  6. Camping, Hiking, Cooking
    After Barclay and adventure !!! Added to heart healthy prego plus two big pinches of oregano and basil and garlic!!!!! Over tie bow pasta !!!!
  7. General Forum
    On our 30-miler today, almost done, we came across a 77-year old who'd fallen from his bike. Didn't recall actually falling, couldn't remember where he was from, or where he parked his car. Had trouble remembering how old he was, too. He was diabetic, but i didn't find out if he was insulin...
  8. General Forum
    I had my left shoulder replaced on Jan. 25th. I was back on the creek today and I must say for a man with one and a half arms I feel pretty good about myself. I'm still aways from a double haul, but I taught some trouts a lesson or two.
  9. Gear/Technique
    Yesterday, at the Pasadena Casting Club in southern California, I was able to "test drive" various trout spey rods on the water and ended up buying one. The vendors (Manufacturer Reps) that were there: G Loomis Orvis Redington Sage Patagonia (freeze dried foods and clothing) Project...
  10. Anadromous
    I'm doing a 5 day trip on the wilderness section the week after thanksgiving. Think there will be any steel around? Worth it to bring the 8 weight SH and 7 weight Spey?
  11. General Forum
    Hopefully tomorrow I'll hit some moving water, but with only a couple hours to fish after a family picture shoot mercifully folded due to wind, I went to a trusted friend... With skies like this and temps in the upper 70s, who could resist? Just as I had hoped, the rains seemed to clean up...
  12. Kelty Hole

1-12 of 12 Results