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  1. Saltwater
    I caught the 6AM ferry over to Bainbridge yesterday to fish Manzanita bay. I was casting from a family friend's beach. Low tide was just after 7AM so I figured I'd fish the incoming tide all AM. There were a bunch of what looked like 3-5lb salmon jumping all morning. Tons of baitfish in the...
  2. General Forum
    I am heading out to Agate area on the sound next weekend. Does anyone have any advise for a first timer? We will be in a boat. Not sure what to expect.
  3. Gear/Technique
    I have a Sage 389LL blank that I've been waiting to build up- really 'til my rod building skills are somewhat decent. I really like the looks of agate stripping guides but worry about their strength and/or longevity. I'm not sold on agate for the Sage, either. Maybe agate strippers go better...
  4. Gear/Technique
    Any good brick and mortar place in the greater PNW that carries agate stripping guides and fly rod building materials. I travel some from Spokane to Salem to Seattle triangle. Any leads thanks? Greggs Is all I know of but they don't carry everything I want. I guess I can have them order it if...
1-5 of 5 Results