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    $4000 PAC 1400 Raft w/ custom MS Metal works Trailer. Great condition. Less than 25 trips. Boat, frame, trailer, sawyer Dynelite oars (plus back up set of Carlisle oars), extra rope, straps, electric pump, and mojo.
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    SOLD - FIRST DAY OF THIS LISTING - Aire Super Puma River Raft - Fishing Raft & Frame - $3000 (package price if purchased new - $6570) Our family has gotten a great deal of joy from this raft, and have floated and fished all over Washington. Our 4 kids are all moving on, and it is time for this...
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    I am looking for an Aire Super Puma. Preferably, with the older Recretec frame...with the cooler seat in the front. I need to be able to sit 2 family members in front and 1 in the back on family river trips, when I am not fishing. Wife gave me the OK to pull the trigger but has to double as...
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    PRICE DROP TO $600 Excellent condition Outcast Pac 800 one person pontoon for fishing or whitewater adventures. This boat is in excellent condition and has been stored in my shop and inflated. It will handle rivers and lakes equally and has only seen the water a handful of times since new...
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    For sale: Pac 1400 by Outcast. Excellent shape and comes complete with cataract oars, anchor and fishing frame. Asking $3800 email at [email protected]
  6. Watercraft
    HI Folks - I just wanted to reach out and let you know about the most incredible custom raft frame company out there today. It's 'Montana Raft Frames' from Huron, MT and his name is Leo. Leo is an absolutely standup up guy and custom built the frame for my AIRE Super Puma. A few months later...
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    http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/6084419074.html Aire 130 D The 130 D is a 13ft extra wide raft. It gives you more stability and a much roomier back seat that the Super Puma, but is shorter than the Super Duper. You can check out the Aire site for specs. This raft comes with a NRS...
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    Looking to buy an Aire super puma. Must be in excellent condition. Only looking for the raft. I have a frame already. Let me know what you've got. I'm on the east side of the state but am willing to travel. Thank you.
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    Have this up on craigslist, thought I would share here. It's been down the Rogue, Deschutes, Clackamas and a few other places. Aire Jaguarundi and Frame, 16 foot Sturdy custom frame, lightweight carbon fiber platform floor makes it a great gear hauler or fishing platform. Add a couple braces...
  10. Watercraft
    Hello Folks - I figured I'd pop in and throw up a few pictures of my new ride My original ride was a 12' CAT with fishing frame (catchercraft). The new rig is a SUPER PUMA with a custom frame by Leo @ Montana Raft Frames. Frame is powder coated a grey/black to hide any and all scratches...
  11. Watercraft
    This is also in regards to my older Pac 1200 13' two man boat. It has the older style Outcast Anchor drop on the back but no other pulleys. Should I forgo using the standard system and just set up a new anchor system using pulleys on the underside of the frame and a stop near the rower's seat...
1-11 of 11 Results