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    Both fly lines are new, unused, in original packaging. Airflo Super Dri Elite WF6 Airflo Super Dri Elite WF8 MSRP $84.99 $60 each (includes shipping to lower 48)
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    Only have the 625 left - Rio Skagit Flight 625gr 26.5’ $20USD shipped
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    Ok, Here Is the second bunch of SPEY LINES, which I have amassed during the years of my love of Single Hand and Double Hand fly fishing. Again: pease note, everything you see in boxes is new, untouched and stored for the day that never came :) I have taken shots of a lot containing 4 lines...
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    For Sale: Echo TR 7130-4 Spey Rod (w/ spare butt section, sleeve, and rod tube) - $190 (Price Reduced) Rio Grand WF5F Fly line (Brand new in box, color: camo/tan) - $45 (Price Reduced) Rio Tropical Outbound Short WF12F/I - $50 Plano Phantom Spey Rod Tube - $30 30# Boga Grip - $80 - SOLD Fly...
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    These are new, never used, $30 including shipping to CONUS: 510Grain Airflo Scandi Compact 540Grain Airflo Scandi Compact 600 Grain RIO Compact Skagit, lawn and water cast once ended up using another 575 grain line. All lines have loops. The airflo heads were part of the Airflo kit and...
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    Echo tr 13 foot 7 weight Spey rod with lamson guru reel and airflo running line an skagit shooting head and 10 foot t14 sink tip, like new bought this year just don’t use it enough. Awesome setup paid 750 new
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    $25 shipped in conus. Retail was $40. Yellow, 30lb, 50 yards. Used 3 times. In good condition. I have a surgeon’s loop on either side but you can of course cut them off.
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    Let me know what you've got!
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    $35 New. Includes original plastic zip lock binder sleeve. One of the best shooting heads made, if not the best. Retail was $60. I'll pay shipping to CONUS. Paypal only for shipped, local pickup available in Seattle.
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    Line is brand new, sealed in packing... Retails $89, will sell for $65 Details: Using the latest materials technology the newest, Tropical fly line from Airflo really packs a punch. Developed with the help of Bruce Chard, one of the most sought after guides in the Florida Keys, this fly line...
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    This line was purchased a couple years ago. It has been in my closet, out of the sunlight, since that day. Asking $40. Will pay shipping to West Coast locations.
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    Used 1 time, in brand new condition with box. $50 shipped OBO.
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    $30 shipped in conti US. 25 foot length, used but very good condition.
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    SOLD!!!! New in box
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    First generation Airflo Skagit 540. I inherited this line but have never fished it. The loops show no signs of use from what I can tell. $25 Shipped
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    Lines are all lightly used, well cared for with nice loops. Prices are via PayPal and included shipping CONUS and fees. RIO Skagit Max 525 - 32 USD SOLD Airflo Skagit Switch 540 - 32 USD Airflo Skagit Switch 480 - 32 USD SPF Airflo Rage Compact 390 (NIB) - 40 USD SOLD Airflo Skagit Compact 450 -...
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    Air Flo BEACH Intermediate WF5I fly line. Lawn cast - too light for the rod I wanted it for. Beautiful line, I like it and havealready bought a WF6I and am using it. Great line for Searun Cutthroats off Puget Sound beaches. Shipped CONUS $66. Personal check preferred but Pay Pal ok. Thanks
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    I got a buddie who would like to trade a Airflo 480 for a 450 Skagit. Im sure he is also willing to sell the 480.please pm
  19. Saltwater
    Anyone used this line for deep saltwater fishing for lings/rockfish etc? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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    $50 each shipped conus NEW in Boxes Speydicator WF4F (280 gr) SOLD Speydicator WF5F (350 gr) Speydicator WF6F (420 gr) SOLD
1-20 of 108 Results