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    600 gr. Airflo Rage with 10' Airflo clear floating tip(Salmon/Steelhead). The Rage has been used a couple times and the floating tip has never been used. $40 USD Shipped in Canada/US
  2. Classifieds
    Lines for Sale: Both lines have only been lawn cast, excellent condition. Scientific Anglers Mastery Short Belly Taper (SBT) WF-5-F 160gr $45 obo shipped CONUS Airflo Scandi Head ST7/8/9 Floating 450gr $30 obo shipped CONUS
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    Looking to buy 450 Rio Steelhead Scandi or 450 Airflo Scandi Compact. Let me know how much if you have one for sale. Prefer new or like new condition.
  4. Classifieds
    Hello All I am looking for AIRFLO Scout heads in the 300,390 and 450 weights. Please PM me if you have any you want to part with. Many Thanks Alki
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    looking for this line, ideally lichen color and new in box, but beggars can't be choosers... ;)
  6. Classifieds
    sold!!!!!! New never been used, just recoiled
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    Airflo scandi compact 330 new in box $35 sold Airflo skagit switch 480 good shape used few times $30 Rio max skagit 24 ft 570 used good shape $30 $70 for whole lot
  8. General Forum
    As a dealer, I have the opportunity to cast and fish a huge variety of fly lines. I've got my favorite beach line as I'm sure all of you do. Some of you have a passion for the Airflo beach line that I have to confess, I didn't understand. After reading the back of the box, I think I finally...
  9. Classifieds
    Looking for 300 airflo compact scandi will pay cash Will trade 360 airflo compact scandi Skagit max 600 Airflo skagit switch 510
  10. Gear/Technique
    My local shop says the Airflo Supple Coldwater lines were discontinued although they still appear in the Airflo worldwide catalog. Does anyone know whether that's true, or if they've been given a different name in the U.S. market?
  11. General Forum
    Trying to dial in Winston micro spey for scandi only Like airflo lines never tried Buella 4 wt micro Winston is the rod Consensus is 270-300 Airflo or Buella only please , narrowed it down to those Any experience will be appreciated
  12. Classifieds
    Looking for new-in-box delta spey (mint green) multi-tip sets of Gen 1 in all weights: 7/8 8/9 9/10 10/11 If willing to sell, please pm with your all-in selling price of the item + shipping + PayPal fee. I don't carry iPhone so will generally respond in mornings or evenings. Thx.
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    Looking for 270 and 300 compact Scandi airflo Got unused 7.5 inch pliers aluminum Tackle Direct brand Got lines single hand sink tip lines for 7-8 Got plenty good lines , someone who knows lines well, can resell or just fish Over years change spools for new line , end up with unmarked barely...
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    Everything is in lightly used (not at all abused) shape. Prices are via PayPal and include shipping CONUS. Shipping to Canada add 10 USD per line (sorry it's expensive to get it up there) RIO Grand WF7F - 30 USD...
  15. Classifieds
    Airflo Spey Skagit Compact 27ft 630gr line for sale $25 Frogg Toggs Mens Small Cascade wading jacket. $35 White River rubber fishing net $10 Brown paper bag full of misc fly tying equip. Prolly $100+ worth of stuff Selling for $40 If interested in anything PM me
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    For sale airflo fist 540gr. Line is great condition. Sold pending funds Thanks
  17. Classifieds
    If you have one in new condition let me know. Thanks!
  18. Classifieds
    This is a brand new line. I test cast it for five minutes in my yard on grass. It is in perfect condition. It is a good line but not for my particular rod and stroke. Staying with the sniper. $55 and I'll ship it wherever within reason.
  19. Classifieds
    Longshot, but thought I'd see if someone has one lying around before I throw down for a new one. PM me, I can paypal or possibly meet face to face in the greater Everett (weekends/eves) or downtown Seattle (weekdays 7-3:30). thanks!
  20. Warm Water Species
    Anyone try this line? I'm in the market for a new floater and was going to try something new. Just wondering if anyone has used the line and had any feedback. The stated weight in grains by airflo seems awful light for what it is. So if anyone has one and actually weighed the head that would...
41-60 of 108 Results