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  1. General Forum
    A sad day as Art Bell is no longer with us. His late night show Coast to Coast was classic! He kept me awake so many nights it is totally hard to believe that he is gone. Dave
  2. Arts and Literature
    In the 1940-50's the California citrus industry used to label their packing crates with graphic art that denoted the brand. Wife and I and another couple were browsing a local junk/antique shop while waiting for a restaurant to open for dinner and I came across this. Only one framed and matted...
  3. Saltwater
    This is a belated gift idea since Christmas is past, but here is a great gift idea ongoing and also just to share with others. See pic of SRC I put on the back of a small fly box. Great artist and purchased on ETSY :) I will be happy to share the artist info and I would bet many of you know him.
  4. Classifieds
    FOR SALE: (1) Original Color Press Proof of Steelhead Fly Patterns from the book "Pacific Northwest Fly Patterns" by Roy A. Patrick (1) Original matching Steelhead Fly Pattern Index Sheet. I purchased the color press proofs for both the Steelhead and Cutthroat plates and the original manual...
  5. General Forum
    Hey folks, pardon the lame if this is against forum rules or in the wrong spot, I tried reaching out to a moderator about event postings and such, but have not heard back. Writers on the Fly is going on the road, again! The 2017 Cascadia Tour is set to visit 5 cities in Oregon, Washington, and...
  6. General Forum
    Leaving Saturday for my birthday trout trip to the Sierras. Upper Owens river, Hot Creek, rock creek, bishop creek and some high altitude lakes are getting me really really excited to catch some trout. Really nice trout. Ive gone over all my gear at least twice, checked all my flies, tippet...
  7. General Forum
    I've always loved the look of a nicely tied steelhead fly. I recently purchased a wooden fly box from an artisan in California, and stocked it with steelhead flies (and a couple of Atlantic salmon flies I got from Labrador a few years ago) to display on the mantle of my fireplace (pics below)...
  8. Classifieds
    2 brand new things I came across in a mandatory gear clean out that I need to send on down the line .... Brand new, unused Cliff's Bugger Beast with an original leaping tarpon artwork by Jorge Martinez on it. I looked around and found that these sell for $200 on Ole Florida Outfitters...
  9. Classifieds
    Great new place on the mouth of a saltwater Bay. Place deserves some attractive artwork. What might you have? What might it set me back or what may you seek in trade?
  10. Classifieds
    Comes with glass and mounting frame: $15 Look at the thumbnail below for a non tilted photo.
  11. Arts and Literature
    I'm enjoying the art of fly fishing and am now taking up oil painting with a lot of difficulty. I hear from others to paint what you have a passion for. I love seeing great fly fishing photography that captures the moment as it puts me right there on the river or lake with all the smells and...
  12. Arts and Literature
    Finally had enough luck to collect reference material for this awesome fish! It was one of the more challenging ones that I've painted so far, primarily due to the differences in proportions to a typical "trout shape" that I'm so use to. It also has very cool round scales that are highly...
  13. Classifieds
    I've created some art over the last few months and have begun selling prints. I'm putting together an order that will be going out to my printing source within the next couple of days. A few folks have made requests through the Art section of the forum or through my blog...
  14. Char Watercolor

    Painting is hard.
  15. SRC

    just hangin out doodling
1-15 of 15 Results