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  1. Fly Tying
    I've got a trip down to Baja coming up in June and I'm struggling with tying up a bunch of Popovic's hollow fleyes in time. I wanted to ask if anyone here would be interested in tying some up for me? I've already tied up a bunch of other patterns that worked for me last time but work has me...
  2. General Forum
    I just don't know what to say...except my sincere condolences to Jon's family and friends. https://www.facebook.com/NorthwestFlyFishing/
  3. Fly Tying
    My first two tries at fly tying... any suggestions on how to make a start bettering my technique? The olive started as a wooly bugger and then I misjudged the marabou and the pink is just me messing around-on that one I know that I should have cut the Maribou farther up so it would be bushier
  4. Saltwater
    On 22 March, at the Lacy Community Center, the WDFW/Tribal North of Falcon meeting is scheduled to occur. We have been getting a lot of interest through our social media for a "protest" gathering at the closed door meetings to draw attention to the lack of transparency in our fisheries...
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  5. General Forum
    I smoke a lot & was guilty of throwing my butts in the water cos' that's what everyone else was doing! Used to fish a fishery far up river a lot in the summers for stocked rainbows & chub, chub even take the dryfly & the takes are slow motion! Anyway one day at the carpark i noticed a insane...
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  6. Saltwater
    Hello, Would like to walk the beach in the early morning and fish the beach by my resort. Surf fly fishing Nuevo vallarta Staying at Marival resort. Suggestions on Rod size, line, leader type, and flies would be very helpful. Time of day and things to look for. I have stayed there before...
  7. Fly Tying
    Officially lost control today, thanks to Bill Keough
  8. General Forum
    Tony Pro is back, and its hilarious!! It's on a private fly tying group on Facebook, so I screenshotted the original post. I'll try to link his YouTube meltdown before he removes it. This is epic!
  9. General Forum
    Just saw this, and it sounds like fun. Once my schedule starts leveling out, I plan on volunteering. http://parkways.seattle.gov/2018/01/11/help-feed-salmon-carkeek-park-carkeek-watershed/
  10. Lakes
    Almost no wind. Water temp down to 42 degrees. Missed two strikes, landed one 18" rainbow. And it was a blast. I got to really work on my casting, as no wind helps in that regards, and a group of otters put on a show that I will never forget. Got very close to one sitting on a log near the...
  11. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Lost my shuttle key for my 4 runner at the top parking lot at high bridge (big eddy) on the sky. Let me know if anybody finds it! It’s a single gray Toyota key!
  12. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Lost a small plastic fly box at Lk Lenise, I think walking out?
  13. General Forum
    Aloha Guys, big sale now at tackle direct. They have fly gear and conventional gear as well. If you are not a member you can sign up and become one no cost. Simms, G-loomis, Sage, Cheeky, TFO all on sale now. Mems.
  14. General Forum
    It was a fantastic workshop, the people that work at AFFTA did an excelent job, lots of valuable information for any fly shop owner and managers.
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  15. General Forum
    Both were caught in the Oak Orchard River Ny with fly rods
  16. Saltwater
    Anyone fished the Canal around the Xmas season.... weather is the obvious factor I realize but if conditions were right would it be a decent fishery for SRC and any other friendly anadromous beasts thanks in advance.... and as always.... tight lines
  17. General Forum
    Not "dry flies" like we are all used to, although I could argue that in some cases them too. I'm talking sliders, poppers, wakers, and any other form of "aggressive topwater." I look at forums, especially saltwater, and see "hook up ratio of 40%" and the like, which seems pretty good from...
  18. Cast & Blast
    I enjoy cooking at our elk hunting camp. Made beef tongue tacos with pickled red onions and radishes, beans cotilla cheese. Jalapeño poppers of course too I pressured cooked the tongue for 40 min with spices. Cooled tongue, cut into strips then seared quick on a flat top. Made a roasted...
  19. Lakes
    I looked into fishing thermometers. Minn Kota MKA-38 seems to be perfect...however impossible to find. I ended up buying a Velixar Deptherm ($10) that gives you the depth and temperature. Knowing the depth and temperature would seem beneficial to finding fish. The water at Pass Lake seems warm...
1-20 of 68 Results