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    Absolutely gorgeous reel, with every option. Yep, the drag knob is finished to match the reel. The spool handle was upgraded to metal (clear silver) to more closely match the reel finish. I even have an extra drag knob nut as a backup. Includes the factory box, cordura case, instructions...
  2. Conservation
    Pretty interesting increases in striper populations into regions normally dominated by Atlantic Salmon. https://www.hakaimagazine.com/news/a-fish-coup-in-the-salmon-kingdom/
  3. Conservation
    Please request that your senators after taking this bold step, put pressure on the BC government to do the same. Escaped diseased Atlantics do not recognize the border between us. The last thing our elected politicians want to do is listen to the public so our voice isn't being heard. Maybe a...
  4. General Forum
    Did I hear this correctly on the news just now? Washington State will ban Atlantic salmon?
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    Box of 20 wild steelhead and salmon magazines and 30 Grays sporting journal late 70's through 90's vintage Lots of good reading $100 Pickup when you're out thus way fishing
  6. General Forum
    The investigation into the Cooke Atlantic Salmon net farm catastrophe was completed last week by WDFW, Ecology, and DNR. The report of their findings was released yesterday. I have provided a link to the press conference that was held yesterday and recorded by TVW...
  7. General Forum
    These people need to go away. Forever. http://q13fox.com/2018/01/05/salmon-farm-sues-after-state-cancels-its-lease/
  8. Anadromous
    Just wondering if anyone has caught one while swinging in the Skagit yet?
  9. Conservation
    https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/environment/violations-prompt-washington-state-to-cancel-atlantic-salmon-farm-lease-at-port-angeles/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=article_left_1.1 "Cooke Aquaculture Pacific has lost the lease for its Atlantic salmon net-pen farm...
  10. General Forum
    Anglers Please do the following if an Atlantic salmon is caught What Atlantic salmon from a net pen look like - note large dark spots on gill plate What to do if an Atlantic salmon is caught: 1) kill it; take it home; freeze it for later possible pickup for examination (if not shortly contacted...
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  13. Saltwater
    Squaxin tribe has caught a few, including in Pickering and Peale Passages.
  14. General Forum
    I've been finding excellent upriver fishing for some of the escapees this week. I'm shocked at how far upriver some have gone! They seem pretty colored up and ready to spawn, but still hit hard and fought quite well. I had luck on skated mouse patterns, sparkle duns and banjo minnows. This...
  15. Saltwater
    Reportedly, up to 305,000 escaped the Cedar Island net pen. Also reported that some have been caught in the sound by Lummi Nation fishermen and others independently identified in the Nooksack River. Just what would the WDFW regulations be for these fish......................
  16. General Forum
    Have heard for a couple sources (complete with pictures) that some Atlantic salmon have escaped from a net pen in the San Juan Islands. An unknown escaped but some fish have all ready been caught in Bellingham Bay. The last time there was a major number of escaped Atlantics in Puget Sound...
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    Fly Tier Jan Hale Mollenelli Shasta Trinity Flyfishers Flytier Of The Year 2010 Has studied under John Shewey, Alec Jackson, and others. These are affordable works of art. Some are original designs, some are reproductions of classics. Most are between $40-$60 framed. Beautiful. I own...
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    Saco Salmon Restoration Alliance - Annual Fundraiser Spey Package - For Sale The Saco Salmon Salmon Restoration Alliance (an Atlantic salmon restoration organization based on the Saco River in Biddeford, Maine) recently held its Annual Luncheon Fundraiser on Sunday, February 19th, 2017. As a...
  19. General Forum
    We can't allow this to happen : http://www.king5.com/mb/tech/science/environment/first-commercial-fish-farm-proposed-for-strait-of-juan-de-fuca-1/394028523
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    Want to purchase an 11 wt rio atlantic fly line
1-20 of 23 Results