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  1. Classifieds
    Fly fishers will laugh at the weather when wearing Patagonia's tough Puff Hoody. The Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody solves the Nano Puff durability concerns. A stretchy and durable 100% polyester outer shell with mechanical stretch is finished with a moisture-shedding DWR (durable water repellent)...
  2. Lakes
    I'm surveying the landscape of options for small stillwater boats. I have a Water Strider, which I do like, and I'm certainly familiar with prams. But, my primary focus is on a boat with a V-bottom or modified V-bottom hull design. As part of my survey, I've looked at the 8' and 10' Walker...
  3. General Forum
    A very nice video from Bristol Bay Lodge. not selling here, just an awesome video. The place is amazing. BB
  4. General Forum
    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/24/opinion/sunday/gold-mine-salmon.html Already discussed in previous threads, but back in the news. Ugh.
  5. General Forum
    Today a friend and I decided we will need to get the hell out of below zero for a few days this January. My parents lived in Westport and Cosmopolis for 8 years, and I have seen some beautiful streams in the area, but didn't fish much when I visited. One river I've fished that won't be named...
  6. Conservation
    "This year, 56 million sockeye salmon swam hundreds of miles from the ocean toward the rivers and streams of the Bristol Bay watershed in southwest Alaska. Many that escaped fishermen and bears leapt over waterfalls and used a mysterious combination of the Earth's magnetic field and their own...
  7. Saltwater
    The bay opens for 3 days starting tomorrow. the focus will be on kings. the bay has not been open the last 5/6 years due to low runs coming into the Green. Now it is open for 3 days and you keep two kings - even wild kings. They have to come out of the bay - not other marine areas. I'll be...
  8. General Forum
    I'm starting to research my next dog breed. Looking at moving to Whitefish Mt next spring and want to get a good dog. Will be my fishing buddy, waterfowl, and upland birds. Also could be used tracking elk and deer eventually. I'm pretty sold on the overall hunting skills of the dd. I've had...
  9. Saltwater
    Hey. Anyone ever fished for SRC in Dungeness Bay? I know bay is closed for COHO until Oct. 1st but curious if anyone has had any luck on the bay for SRC. I have fished the spit south of Williams Boat Ramp with limited success. Just curious if anyone has any luck on the bay. I will be...
  10. Saltwater
    Stopped by tonight and found thousands of dead anchovy covering the beaches of North Bay. The weather last week must have caused a toxic algal bloom.
  11. Saltwater
    Last Friday I was outside with a friend when I heard the sound of a whale blowing. I said whale and we hurried down to the beach. We could see something about 100 yards out coming towards shore. A second later the water explodes with a giant mouth opens and bait fish (chum fry) twinkling in the...
  12. Saltwater
    Went to Florida last week. Decided to try fly fishing down there for the first time. Previously had only gear fished down there. So, I hired a guide and went out last Monday. Weather was warm, but quite windy. Casting was a bitch. I landed only one fish , a 5 lb Jack which put up a good...
  13. Saltwater
    I live right on Henderson Bay, but know little about saltwater fly fishing in general and just the very basics of fishing here on the Bay. I'd welcome info from any one with relevant experience and/or advice relevant to fishing for cutthroats, steelhead and salmon - when and with what. Thanks, Rick
  14. Watercraft
    Pretty much a 20 min commercial for Hell's Bay, but some cool design history from Flip Pallot:
  15. Saltwater
    Has anyone out there fished Taylor Street Dock for squid?
  16. Saltwater
    Many of you have probably heard of the combat fishery on the Samish River when the Chinook are running; if not, just look at some videos on YouTube to get an idea of how bad it is; I think it is worse than the Skokomish River combat fishery. Because of my reluctance to be around that kind of...
  17. Black Rockfish

    1 of 6 or 7 in about an hour of fishing earlier this summer at Neah Bay from the shore. The Cohos weren't in there, so we had to improvise...
  18. Kelp Greenling

    Earlier this summer at Neah Bay fishing from the shore.
  19. Ron and Josh

    Ron lands a nice sea bass with Josh from Batson Enterprises in the background. Neah Bay, Aug 05
1-20 of 21 Results