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    Bought this for high tide days at Doc’s, when I lived in Tacoma. Had a baby and moved after buying. Fished twice (very sad) Beach cannon - great for long casts, and casts short/accurate as well. Great for resident coho, SRC and migratory silvers. Orvis quality & workmanship and fabulous...
  2. Saltwater
    I'm gearing up for my first summer Coho season. Mostly going to be fishing from beaches in the north sound. Would love to learn about your favorite setup. Rod? Line? Flies?
  3. Saltwater
    For a while now I have lurked on Redfin surfing beachfront properties only to see the prospects of what the beach might hold. Frankly I don't have the money or time to dump into a beach place, but the last three photos of each listing is what I am after. poor man's intel. Is there some structure...
  4. Saltwater
    I'm going to give beach fishing for sea runs a try for 1st time. I've read some different articles and parts of books... been to fly shops to buy flies and get advice. Not looking for secrets, just some basic rules or knowledge I should be aware of before setting out. Thanks in advance for any...
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    Air Flo BEACH Intermediate WF5I fly line. Lawn cast - too light for the rod I wanted it for. Beautiful line, I like it and havealready bought a WF6I and am using it. Great line for Searun Cutthroats off Puget Sound beaches. Shipped CONUS $66. Personal check preferred but Pay Pal ok. Thanks
  6. Saltwater
    My clear head Airflo Beach intermediate just showed up yesterday and I took it out for some casting practice/wishful thinking at a Seattle beach after work. I really like it. I've got an 8wt floating 40+ that I use with that rod as well and with the whole head out, it's a really slow and super...
  7. Saltwater
    I got out camping this weekend with my Fiance. We loaded up the tarps and left Saturday morning to set up camp near a south sound beach: After setting up camp, we fished through the afternoon. My Fiance fished baitfish patterns on an intermediate and I fished gurglers on a floater. I was...
  8. Classifieds
    9' 6wt Orvis Recon fly rod for sale Nearly new, used less than 5 times Looking to upgrade to a new H3 model Asking $325 OBO (Retail $449) Feel free to shoot me a message if interested, (stock photo attached, but can send photos upon request). Thanks, Conner
  9. Saltwater
    Since we've agreed that there is no perfect full intermediate line on the market for PS beaches can we argue about sink lines now? I want a long sinking head to get down deeper on sunny days, deep beaches, and boat fishing. I've fished the outbound sinkers and found the head to short and...
  10. Saltwater
    I'm thinking of getting a 10' 3wt with an OPST commando head for the beach and for streamers for the Yakima. I currently use a 9' 5wt and 6wt for the beach, but I rarely land an SRC or resident coho over 20 inches, and the 6wt seems definite overkill. Seeing the OPST youtube video is awfully...
  11. Saltwater
    Posted this in main forum, but figured you guys here would want to see this too. For those of you constantly looking for the ideal beach fishing line, Airflo just came out with a new one: Fully intermediate, completely clear (including running line), and still designed for “chasing Sea Run...
  12. General Forum
    For those of you constantly looking for the ideal beach fishing line, Airflo just came out with a new one: Fully intermediate, completely clear (including running line), and still designed for “chasing Sea Run Cuties”. This is the same taper as their existing beach line, but fully...
  13. Saltwater
    What's your 1st & 2nd choice? A range of different $$ reels is ok, don't really have a budget yet. Going on a dark green XP with black hardware Looking to add a quality saltwater reel to my gear, I'll be purchasing an extra spool or 2 as well. c/22
  14. Saltwater
    I am trying to get a pulse of what the SRC angling community deems an ethical frequency to fish a beach. We all have our favorite beaches and they are favorites because they are consistently frequented by bad ass wild trout that are very agreesive hunters. However, given what I read about the CC...
  15. Saltwater
    I came across this dead Sunfish while fishing a South Sound Beach today. Any thoughts?
  16. Conservation
    I would like to organize a beach cleanup this winter. Currently I are looking at January/February time frame. I don't have any specific dates in mind, but soon I would like to have two or three dates to offer up then go from there. The idea is to have a good time cleaning up a beach and potluck...
  17. General Forum
    I just had a thought about DIY shooting heads. Just attach shooting line directly to 20 feet of T line. My Streamer Express line is basically that but the running line is intermediate. If my theory works, you could just attach an Airflo 20' t17 "custom cut tip" to some Amnesia and call it...
  18. Saltwater
    hi I’m looking for an all around line I can used for beach fishing on my 8wt. I was hoping of doing chum fishing but also didn’t know if there was some other type of salmon fishing I can do afterwards. I live in the Bremerton area and was told of a good area to fish chum nearby but don’t know...
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    shots taken of our wanderings
  20. Saltwater
    I'm due for a new rod for the beach/boat and think the Redington Vice 9.5' 5 wt might fit the bill. Is anyone fishing this rod and have a review? Are there other rods I should look at? Budget limit is $300. Thanks!
1-20 of 67 Results