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  1. Arts and Literature
    Everybody's heard of Pooh Bear.....well from my demented chainsaw here's.........Pee Bear! We always wanted some kind of low maintenance water feature in our backyard, been collecting interesting rocks 30+ years from camping, fishing and beach walking. This is the last bear I made....he pees...
  2. General Forum
    Anyone own a counter assault or UDAP bear fence? If so, how do you like it? Got a Smith river permit and with trips on the South Fork & North fork of the Flathead, I thought it would be worth the purchase.
  3. Camping, Hiking, Cooking
    My fishing buddy Wade and I camped at tinkham 3 weeks ago. A lady had her tent stomped by a bear. Last weekende we lucked out and got a campsite because a lady was vacating the campground due to a bear stomping her tent for the second time. she worked nights, so her tent was empty when the...
  4. General Forum
    Taken couple of days ago in North Eastern Finland close to the Russian border! Try not to laugh when bear pokes it's head out from behind the bush!
  5. General Forum
    Just a note to folks who might be wandering in the neighborhood of the Chihuahua river near Plain: there have been 2 confirmed sightings of a griz in that area. This one's collared, and apparently DFW is tracking it. I don't fish the area, so I don't know what's open or not, but just thought...
  6. General Forum
    Firstly, sorry for no picture. Brief encounter. I was on the Mt. Loop today doing a little hiking and general forest recreating in the rain. This was about 9:30am. I was walking up what I imagine was once a logging road about a thousand years ago around Deer Creek/Beaver Creek. I was going up a...
  7. General Forum
    So here I am, locked in a hotel room with an uncanny South African fish assassin. We are tying tube flies with pre made polar bear brushes, and rhea, and tinsel. They kick the shit out of any fly I've ever tied, or fished. These are "April's". They weigh almost nothing, have a very low...
  8. Cast & Blast
    I don't post much here, but for some reason I've gotten several emails asking me about firearms I take to Alaska bear country. I thought some here might be interested. I'm not guiding up there, I'm the cook. For the past few years Ive mostly been in a hardsided cook shack or on a boat instead...
  9. General Forum
    A good friend of mine showed me this, thought I would share it too. Pretty cool...
  10. General Forum
    Crazy story. Worth a read and a listen: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/sudbury-man-punches-black-bear-1.3663954
  11. General Forum
    I'll be fishing in some remote areas of British Columbia later this summer and would like to have some bear spray as part of my gear. I've checked some Canadian websites and, although somewhat confusing, it appears that canisters labeled "bear spray" are permitted into Canada and those labeled...
  12. Da Bear

    A Bear on the Elwha Trail
  13. Mother bear on the Kenia River

    Mother bear on the Kenia June 2007
  14. There are bears in Alaska

    Most of the creeks were post-spawn during my stay, but there were still lots of brown bear around.
  15. Yogi and Boo Boo

    Neither of them were smarter than the average bear
1-20 of 24 Results