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  1. Questions & Answers
    Hi y’all I’m new to the site, but I wanted to ask a question. So me and my girlfriend have been fishing for a couple years together and have just recently gotten into fly fishing and also wanted to get into backpacking. Do you guys have any beginner level trips that might also have some easy...
  2. General Forum
    Hi, I have been fishing for a while now and started fly fishing a few years ago. I am looking to try out backpacking/fishing and need some streams or lakes in the mountains to hike in and fish. No need to be specific about locations or give away big secrets but it would be great if you could...
  3. Gear/Technique
    I am looking to purchase the IMX Pro Short Spey in the 6 WT or 7 WT , I am also considering the Echo 3 Spey Rods in the 6127 or 7130 for fishing in September and October Alaskan Rainbows in the 24” to 31” class on the NakNek River and other rivers in Alaska throwing large flies. I have no idea...
  4. Gear/Technique
    When using a 10ft poly-leader should I use a tapered leader, 7.5ft-9ft, in length? Or should I use a piece of straight mono about 3ft or so?
  5. Fly Tying
    .....which might prove to be interesting/helpful to those just starting out. God, there's just so much good stuff about tying on the Net........ just say'n...... https://www.facebook.com/groups/160592361222026/
  6. Classifieds
    Picked up two rods last year on discount. Both are good rods and planned to get as inexpensive backups. But, would rather see them get used. Both rods are new, never used. Includes tube sock and tube. Will post actual pics soon. I'm in Seattle and happy to deliver, but, shipping included...
  7. Fly Tying
    I am headed to the creek tomorrow and want to try and tie up some flies for the trip. I'm planning on tying some green scuds, what size? Any sbs or videos you'd suggest? Weight on scud hook, wrap in olive colored dubbing? Pretty simple? Going to try some WD40's, but I don't have any WD or...
  8. Fly Tying
    I completed the beginning fly tying class at WFFC last week and wanted to give kudos to the club. I learned so much and got to meet some really great folks. The amount of experience and knowledge the instructors bring to the forum is staggering but they are so eager to help and teach you. It was...
  9. Fly Tying
    Taking the step Into the tying world and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for a good vise to get for starting out! I plan on tying a lot of tarpon flys so I'd like a vise that can hold those hooks nice and steady!!
  10. Fly Tying
    I'm interested in learning to tie some classic wet flies and I was wondering if there's a good book out there on the subject that any of you would recommend. I'm getting married next year and I want to use flies for my groomsmen's bootineers. I'm thinking I'll probably need to take a class or...
  11. Fly Tying
    Hello all, I am new to fly tying and have some questions about getting tying materials. The closest fly shop to me is about 40 minutes away and their hours don't always coincide with my ever changing work schedule. As much as I love to support local businesses as much as possible, it's looking...
1-11 of 11 Results