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    I’m putting feelers out there and seeing if there’s any interest: I have a like new Abel 4N (Super 9) (Super 11) Spare Spool. Will come with no line. Asking $250 shipped anywhere in the US. OBO of course.
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    Abel Big Game No. 2 reel which was purchased used off eBay and has only been used once since - it is in excellent shape and only shows minor signs of usage (the only noticeable wear is that the No. 2 on the drag knob has faded and on the foot). The reel is setup for RH retrieve but don't believe...
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    I’m selling an Abel Big Game #1 reel for 6/7 weight in good condition. It has an unknown backing and line on it. I bought it last winter and sent it in to Abel to recondition it. I found out it was not really needed it but I was unfamiliar with Abels. It was an impulse buy and I really need a...
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    Very hard to find #3 with the super classy old solid spool. In great condition given it’s a 30+ year old reel, some scratches / dings on the frame but the spool is near perfect. It took me 7 years to find this reel - they literally never seem to come up for sale. Price is $400 PayPal shipped...
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    I have an Abel Pt. 5 Reel for SOLD. These are bulletproof reels. • 5 weight line included • Abel pouch included • Guide finish • LHW • Great condition with some rim rash
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    Hello, I am looking for Abel Big Game 4 and 4.5N spools. Let me know if you have any available. Thanks!
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    I am looking for a late model BG 3. Ideally it would be gloss black , ported, in and out clicker, and be in mint condition. If you have one that your thinking of selling please end me a note. Cheers, Tim
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    I have an Abel Big Game #4 anti reverse fly reel in good used condition. Some minor small marks. Comes with case and loaded with backing although not sure of condition. These are some of the prettiest reels ever made. Looking for $340 shipped. Also have a spare spool I'll include for an extra...
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    For sale is a used Orvis Odyssey IV Big Game Reel. It is spooled with what I believe to be a 12wt SA Intermediate line. I do not have the fly line box but it was bought less than 3 years ago and never used. I bought the reel for big game saltwater but it hasn't touched the water since I've...
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    I have two Abels for sale. Both are guide finish (matte black). First is the Abel Super 4N. Great condition with maybe a few handling marks, but no dents, dings, or scratches. Looking for $285 shipped in the CONUS. Second is an Abel Big Game Pt 5 with a spare spool. Both the reel and spool...
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    Here is a pristine Ross Canyon Big Game 4 Special Edition # 91 of 100 with a spare gold spool. The "Special Edition" series were reserved for and awarded to Ross's top selling fly shops. I have only used the reel for one weekend fishing steelhead on the Methow River since I purchased it, and you...
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    For your next bone fishing trip, this will do the job. Left hand retrieve, needs kit from Abel to change to right hand. Reel is in very good condition with no issues other than a few tiny scratches on the rim (see photo) New 30lb backing. Abel's have incredibly smooth drags that will stop just...
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    Looking for a Abel Big Game #3N. Thanks, Benjamin
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    A sweet multi purpose reel for salt or spey. Reel is in excellent+ condition and had almost zero use. Comes with Abel case. 225$
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    I have a mint condition Abel No.3, standard arbor, gloss black for sale. $250 shipped, PayPal preferred. Email me directly at: [email protected] for faster response.
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    SOLD !!! Fished once last summer, comes with bank warranty card and almost new spare spool with extra swede case. Best reel I've ever owned with Abel's legendary drag, just don't need a reel this good. Can be left or right hand retrieve, new backing on both and is saltwater safe. New the reel...
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    Am excited to get into fly tying. Mostly large salmon and steelhead flies. My dream is the regal big game but due to finances, that'll have to wait. If anyone has any vise they want to pass on (for a reasonable price), please contact me. Thank you
1-18 of 18 Results