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  1. Warm Water Species
    There were three tournaments on the in the Columbia river gorge this weekend . One at Hood river and two at celilo park. The average weigh in was over 15lbs for 5 fish. Time to get out there.
  2. Classifieds
    Mint condition Anderson Custom Rods built Sage 1290-2 RPLX. The rod has the beautiful Anderson wraps and a utilitarian, functional and somewhat ugly seat with fighting butt. Two cork grips. Original sock but no tube. Can send pics if interested. $200 local pickup, or $230 shipped and I'll...
  3. Warm Water Species
    Fishing my goto crappie rig last week. 1/80 oz rootbeer micro jiglet on a #12 sickle jig hook. About 3-4ft under an indicator. Cast, let the rings settle, then 6''-12'' aggressive strips all the way back in. Pause for 5-10 sec between each strip. The stripped indicator causes commotion sort of...
  4. Classifieds
    Full head to toe Realtree 5 camo set up. As follows: Cabelas SuperMag 1600 neoprene waders in Realtree 5 size 12 stout, comes with hanging shell holder. Cabelas Dri-Fowl II Extreme 4 in 1 coat. This is a waterproof hooded shell with a zip in Thinsulate coat. Zip-in coat is a stand-alone...
  5. Fly Tying
    Ive never fly fished for big fish, like Wahoo, yellow fin, yellow tail, and other big fish. I'm tying up some deceivers, on 5/0 34007 saltwater hooks. Can anyone point me in the right directions, or will these work?
  6. General Forum
    After 43 years in the Bicycle Industry from Mississippi to Chicago to Ohio and then finally the greater Seattle will all come to a stop on March 5 2018. My wife back in 2003 tried to get me to do it then an become a Mr. Mom to my two kids Nikiel and Kara I still hung around the industry. Now the...
  7. Saltwater
    Just got home from an interesting session. Fished Hammersley outlet on the out going tide, and man was it going! Found where the current rolled into a nice eddy. Set-up so I could cast at a 45 down current and let it slide into the slack, eddyline. Thought I was on a big river, swinging flies to...
  8. Trip Reports
    Updated note (June 2018), see the last post in this thread. Kapoho area has been devastated by the lava flow, hundreds of houses (including the house in the photos below) are gone and the Kapoho tide pools area (some of the underwater photos below) are no more. So sad. Another update on July...
  9. Saltwater
    Dean got his first boner on the Big Island. Too bad the fish jumped out of his hands on the hero shot. Then yesterday we went offshore, heard there was an early run of ono, wahoo. Rainbow was a good omen. Right after the rainbow the short rigger goes off. Dean gets on the reel and lands a...
  10. Classifieds
    Very hard to find #3 with the super classy old solid spool. In great condition given it’s a 30+ year old reel, some scratches / dings on the frame but the spool is near perfect. It took me 7 years to find this reel - they literally never seem to come up for sale. Price is $400 PayPal shipped...
  11. Classifieds
    Wtb Rio big nasty wf6f. Let me know if you have one in good condition available for sale.
  12. Conservation
    On Wednesday, Congress sold out the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and all the wildlife that depend on it. Now oil and gas drilling authorization will go to the president's desk to be signed into law and the future of the Arctic Refuge will be in the hands of Big Oil. The rape of our planet...
  13. Classifieds
    I have an Abel Pt. 5 Reel for SOLD. These are bulletproof reels. • 5 weight line included • Abel pouch included • Guide finish • LHW • Great condition with some rim rash
  14. Arts and Literature
    Here's my other painted in the round 18 1/2" trout carving. Lots of scales one at a time.....carved rocks and current swept weeds. Zoom in to see the fly/tippet snagged on the driftwood!
  15. General Forum
    Aloha Guys, big sale now at tackle direct. They have fly gear and conventional gear as well. If you are not a member you can sign up and become one no cost. Simms, G-loomis, Sage, Cheeky, TFO all on sale now. Mems.
  16. Classifieds
    We are closing out a large number of our reels, they're all new in box we just have too many in stock. This means great deals for you and cleared inventory for us. Take a look HARDY SUG. RETAIL SALEPRICING...
  17. Classifieds
    Hello, I am looking for Abel Big Game 4 and 4.5N spools. Let me know if you have any available. Thanks!
1-19 of 92 Results