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    Looking for a good quality 7'6" to 8'4" fly rod in a 4wt. Let me know what ya got! THANKS EVERYBODY! Came up with a Sage ZXL 480-4. A couple of great...
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    For Sale: Winston BIIIx 8'6 4wt. retail: $850 Elder wood upgrade: $50 Airflo SuperDri Elite WF4 retail: $90 Rod/line brand new in box/tube, never used. Prefer to sell as combo. $500 shipped to your door. Will consider trade: looking for 5wt SH.
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    The Winston has 6 trips out on it, and the Nautilus reel is practically new. I have the 9'6" 5wt in the same series, and find I do not use this rod as much as it should be used. It is a great nymphing rod, but it can also cast as well. I had an 3wt Echo Shadow and a Sage One 10' 4wt, and after...
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    I just picked up a Winston BIIIX on a certain international auction site and received the rod today. It was advertised as being brand new, and nothing more was said about it so I assumed it was a brand new rod in the condition I would get if I walked into a store. I looked at the rod and it is...
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    Almost new B3X 9.5' factory rod , throws a rio gold 6 wt as well as a 7 wt . Awsome beach Puget Sound rod . Bought for an Alaska trip. Salt components . a real cannon with tons of feel 550.00 plus 20 to ship CONUS thanks, dave [email protected]
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    New here but I've been selling vintage audio components and other stuff online on fleabay and elsewhere for more than a decade under the user name Kolledog. I have a brand new, unregistered Winston BIIIx 8 foot 4 weight rod that I would like to trade for a BIIX 9 ft 5 weight. Rod has been lawn...
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    ***SOLD**** Used twice. Mint condition. Full wells, fighting butt, aluminum seat (great saltwater rod). Thanks! ****$400 Shipped to CONUS*******
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    I would be interested in one of these should anyone want to thin their herd. Cheers,
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    Excellent condition, fully factory rod and sock , Sage tube. Super smooth, powerful and protects light tippets. $450.00 plus 20 to ship . Beulah Platinium Switch 5 wt 10' 5" As new used once, $ 320.00 plus 20 to ship. Beautiful rod. Custom Sage 590-4 X . Made in Montana by a fine...
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    The wife broke the tip off my BIIX 690-4. It's a long story but, she sucked about 40' of line and the rod tip up the vacuum cleaner. One more reason to keep her out of the man cave. I'll fix it but, it will likely lose some sensitivity unless Winston can replace the entire rod section and...
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    Fished one day, as new Winston 9' 6" 7wt. Perfect summer steelhead ,large trout weapon. Unfilled warranty. 550.00 plus 20 to ship. email dave at [email protected] also Winston Biiix 906 , 9' 6wt excellent condition lightly fished. 500.00 plus 20 to ship. PayPal preferred
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    The rod is in immaculate condition. Fished twice only. Cork is clean and pristine. Comes with OEM Tube, rod sock. Rod has never been registered. Perfect for swinging soft hackles and small streamers. Takes a 225-275gr Scandi/Skagit $569 OBO shipped in conusa. Paypal
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    I have a brand new (lawn cast once) Winston 8'6" BIIIX 5 wt with a nickel silver reel seat (for use in fresh or salt water) that I would like to trade for a Winston Micro Spey 4 or 5 wt or a Winston 9'6" BIIIX 6 wt with a nickel silver reel seat in new or very lightly fished condition. Please...
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    This rod has never been used, let alone assembled. Still has warranty card. Asking $645.00
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    The rod is SOLD; thanks for looking. For sale is a Winston BIIIx 9' 6-weight rod. The rod is in as-new condition. I have lawn cast the rod to test out 6-weight lines, otherwise the rod has seen no use. Never fished. The rod tube and bag haven't left my rod room. The rod comes with a blank...
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    I've got a nearly brand new (fished once) Winston BIIIX 9'6" 7wt rod that will not fit in my carry on rod case. I didn't think I'd be need it with me on my trip to Slovenia but I want to take a 7wt and this rod is just a little to long to fit the case. Ideally I'd like to swap it for a the same...
1-17 of 17 Results