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  1. General Forum
    I had planed on going to Rock Creek but due to fires it has been shut down during my window of oppurtunity. So im looking at other options. Quick little info about trip, I will be wade fishing, I was trying to hit the spruce moth hatch on rock creek and from what hear it's just as good on the...
  2. Watercraft
    Anyone on the forum have suggestions for an anchor system for Aquaglide Blackfoot XL kayaks? I just put one on order and am sure I will want either a chain/drift anchor or a regular anchor..... The kayak does have Scotty mounts - see pic. Thoughts on good anchor system?
  3. General Forum
    The river called yesterday so at 6am I made a thermos of coffee, threw the gear in the back on the Blazer and headed down the mountain with no clear destination in mind. In 90 minutes time I found myself taking the exit East of Missoula and headed up the Blackfoot. River conditions were wade...
  4. General Forum
    Day four has dawned on Rock Creek. River conditions are excellent but weather has been confused. The fishing has been fair to good with several on the dry. Day 2 had nothing looking up consistently so I rigged up the 6wt and gave this nymph game some serious attention for a change. I prefer the...
1-6 of 6 Results