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  1. image1 (1).jpeg

    Atlantic Salmon on a custom Blue Halo
  2. image1 (2).jpeg

    Custom 5 weight Blue Halo
  3. image1 (3).jpeg

    Custom red Blue Halo
  4. image1.jpeg

    Gorgeous Maine mountain
  5. image2 (1).jpeg

    Custom 5 weight Blue Halo
  6. image2 (2).jpeg

    3 Weight Blue Halo Custom Build
  7. image2 (3).jpeg

    3 Weight Custom Blue Halo
  8. image2 (4).jpeg

    Brook trout on a custom built Blue Halo
  9. image3.jpeg

    Maine Brook trout on the fiberglass Blue Halo build
1-10 of 10 Results