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  1. Watercraft
    Hi guys, We have an older used and abused fiberglass drift boat that needs it's bottom re-finished. It looks like the previous owner had some sort of smooth protective finish that allowed the boat to slide over rocks and other obstacles. It's currently pretty scratched up and I'm assuming we'll...
  2. Classifieds
    thanks for looking. The last of my lines after moving LL Bean striper. Green 8wff. Used once like new 20.00. Was 79. Cortland lazer 444 wff8. Excellent cond. this line is grey but it is floating and the specs are right on the line. 20.00 3.89 covers shipping and PayPal...
  3. Watercraft
    I have a Clack WF that has seen some time but still a solid boat. Here are a few pics of the bottom of the boat along the underside of the chines. Gelcoat has been worn down so you can see the underlying fiberglass but the glass is not chipped or gouged. A couple of questions? 1. Can I keep...
  4. Classifieds
    Looking to buy an attachable boat bottom for a Water Master Kodiak raft for upcoming striper season. Thank you! Squish
  5. Classifieds
    Most technically advanced reel ever made by RR! Currently discontinued because RR is changing numbering system of their reels ( f.e. instead of size 2, size 5/6 etc). Great reel by any standards. So before they and on a big site I figured out I my try to sell locally. Factory link with more...
  6. General Forum
    A while back someone in the Classifieds asked if anyone had one up for sale. Basically they're a rigid bottom to turn your WM into a pram, i.e. you can stand on it too. Seems quite cool but a little spendy ($300). Has anyone got one of these or any info about them? I'd be interested to hear...
1-6 of 6 Results