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  1. Classifieds
    Would prefer 12v foot pedal style in 55 pound thrust but let me know what you have:)
  2. Cast & Blast
    Like many of you, I've been a hunter since I was old enough to tote my own rifle. My Grandfather was an outdoorsman whom taught me to fish, hunt, hike, backpack, and take care of our outdoors and the critters that call those places home. I've always been a rifle hunter because that's what...
  3. Classifieds
    Lowered price. I have a new Minn Kota All Terain 24 volt, 65 lb. thrust bow mount trolling motor with foot control and quick release mounting hardware. I bought this motor new about 5 years ago and never put it on the boat. I'm asking $350.00 but will entertain reasonable offers. I'll post...
  4. Classifieds
    Sixty inch, three-piece takedown model. 55 pounds at 28 inches. Limbs are bamboo under clear glass, riser is rosewood and birdseye maple. Very smooth, very powerful, superb hunting weapon. Included in the sale is all the misc tackle I've accumulated over the years, including: A bolt-on limb...
  5. Classifieds
    Looking for a Fishpond Medicine Bow chest pack. Only interested in Fishpond to attach to Fishpond backpack. Please PM me if you have one you no longer need.
  6. Classifieds
    I have the camera and all of the gear to go with it including 2 battery backpacks and chest and head strap. many cases and mounts. The bow is a Martin Cheetah pro Model only sold in pro shops. I also will throw in a bunch of flies new with boxes for the right deal. I am looking for an 8wt set up...
  7. Cast & Blast
    Jason, Ed? you guys check out this thing called a "Bowsnatcher", that attaches to the back of your pack rig. It enables you to both draw and return your bow to the carrier without taking your rig off each time. on the back, on my Nimrod Lumbar Pack and the draw; et voila!! once you...
  8. Jameson_06

    A rare holdover in a sea of dinks
  9. Rainbow

    While I was fighting him, he was getting chased around by a Bull trout only about 4" bigger than him!
  10. Cady Lake

    Goofy hat-head.
  11. Nice 'bow being released

    Playing with the underwater capabilities of my camera...nice 21in rainbow from the Highwood River being returned to her pool. This fish is actually (likely) a Bow River fish still in the mountain stream after spawning earlier this spring.
  12. Nice 22in Bow River rainbow

    Another nice "silver bullet" from the Bow River, Alberta.
  13. Naknek River Rainbow

    These fish are crazy fighters. This one would have likely spooled me if I hadn't chased him downriver nearly 100 yards. I had about 50' of backing left before I started the chase...
  14. American River Bow

    Nice healthy bow
  15. Naknek River Rainbow

    First fish of the trip
  16. Upper North Fork Lewis Rainbow

    I hooked this guys in slow water and he proceeded to get caught up in some whitewater. A few minutes later, I got him to hand. He is a lot bigger than the average rainbow up there. Ben Payne Photo
  17. Henry's Fork Bow

    Henry's Fork Bow
1-20 of 26 Results