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  1. General Forum
    Great read! I recommend you all take a look.. Super well written BC fishing report.
  2. Trip Reports
    I'm sorry LCnSac, totally puerile but I couldn't resist. 'Here be Dragons' was to be the title but the impulsive inner child in me suddenly thought otherwise. After years of vicariously living off other folk's reports on WFF with varying degrees of envy (in all cases) my resolution for this...
  3. Trip Reports
    Fished two lakes May 9 and 10--then the weather shut us out. May 9 I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Brian Chan on one of the lakes he actually built when he was working for the Fisheries Dept. This was my first time fishing for trout in B.C. and it was a trip I'll never forget. I...
  4. Skykomish Steelhead

    A beautiful Late Feb Nate brought in by Brian Paige.
1-4 of 4 Results