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  1. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Lost my shuttle key for my 4 runner at the top parking lot at high bridge (big eddy) on the sky. Let me know if anybody finds it! It’s a single gray Toyota key!
  2. General Fly Fishing Discussions
    Has anyone floated the high bridges to sultan stretch lately? the height gauge looks good but the flows are fricken low, just seeing if it’s doable in a hardboat right now!
  3. General Fly Fishing Discussions
    Stopped to take pictures of this bridge today, built in the 1790's about 40min drive north from where i live! Still standing! Enjoy! There are some more in my area I'll post when I get to take pictures!
  4. General Fly Fishing Discussions
    Earlier this evening, I was standing on a dock near 520 enjoying some fresh air. About 30 yards in front of me I see a fish jump. I watched for about 5 minutes and saw a couple more. I Couldn't get a positive id, but I pretty sure this wasn't any bass. Definitely salmonid. Any idea what it...
  5. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Lost....4 pc Redington with Orvis Clear Water Classic III in a black SA case. Lost at the Cooper Lake bridge or along the Cooper Lake trail back to Salmon La Sac on Monday May 29th. My name and address is on a tag o the case. My first and Favorite rig. Dan
  6. General Fly Fishing Discussions
    How's that float at higher flows? I've done it in the winter time when it was really low. Just wondering if it's more difficult at higher flows
  7. General Fly Fishing Discussions
    Has any body floated high bridge down to sultan in low flows at about 1500?! Me and a buddy are thinking about doing that float this weekend and I'm predicting that the flows will be around 1500. Just wondering if it's doable and if there is anything to look out for when it's low!
  8. Fly Tying
    Another neat pattern from Italy; interesting incorporation of an Iris-like wing. Playing around with a few different materials and colors from the original. Tied as a green drake here; change colors/size to suit your needs. Surprised how light the wing looks on camera; it's a lot darker in...
  9. Saltwater
    Need some advice for Purdy bridge. Is low or high tide preferred? And is incoming or outgoing better? I think I may have this backwards but I believe Jacob at GHFS told me to fish behind the restaurant for outgoing and fish the spit side for incoming. Could someone please confirm if this is...
  10. Saltwater
1-11 of 11 Results