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  1. Fly Tying
    I developed this caddis on the Beaverkill in the early 80's....it works well in Ontario and I am sure you would like to make some up....calf hair is a great wing material and floats like a cork..I have been working on a blog to show how to make and fish it.... here is the blog...... John...
  2. General Forum
    Check out the brown trout in Patagonia catching waves. I have seen GT's do it here in Hawaii on larger waves. Glad to know there is some place windier than Hawaii. Mems.
  3. General Forum
    Hello all. I’m seeking suggestions and information on targeting fall Browns. My local river opens November till April for steel and brown season so I figured why not. This is a small(er) river with little to no pressure from other anglers and has been said to contain larger Browns amongst local...
  4. General Forum
    Both were caught in the Oak Orchard River Ny with fly rods
  5. General Forum
    Hey all, looking to take a trip across the cascades this weekend and was looking for some recommendations it will be just me and my 4 weight and some barbless flies all catch and release. I was hoping to get on some browns but more then anything I was hoping to get on some classic fly water...
  6. Classifieds
    >>>>>>>>>SOLD<<<<<<<<<<< Abel TR-1. Brand new, never used except to load some line and a few lawn casts, Abel TR-1 for sale. In a really nice Brown Trout graphics pattern. Way too many reels, and way too few dollars at the moment, so some gear has to go. With pouch and box.
  7. Classifieds
    SUPER 5N Just as the 5-weight rod has become the all-purpose freshwater choice for many fly fishers, great for everything from Trout to Carp and Bass, the Super 5N from Abel has been built to handle any virtually any situation thrown its way. The large arbor gives you great line pickup while...
  8. Lakes
    Finally got a chance to go fishing while out camping in Eastern Washington over the weekend. This particular lake gets a lot of fishing action, so I will not be disclosing the name. But I have never seen a fly fisher there. Previously I have caught plenty of stockers on spinning gear, thought...
  9. The 3rd biggest brown trout I caught...

    Unfortunately, I could not revive him even after an hour of trying. I was upset when I realized he wasn't going to make it. But at least my neighbors in Queens had fresh fish for dinner that night. Fish was just over 2 feet long. Caught on an 8-inch black/white deceiver I tied for stripers and bluef
  10. The 2nd biggest wild brown I caught

    Check out my other pic for the biggest one. This one was short of 30", and struck a 6-inch zonker I usually used for stripers and blues. This was in some estuary in Long Island, ca 2007. Me likey big fishy.
  11. Would've been a record brown for 7X tippet but...

    ...I let him go. Could not bring myself to kill him in order to glorify myself in the books. This fish was caught on a #22 midge larva, 7X fluorocarbon tippet, 5-wt entry-level Cabela's travel rod and a cheap Tioga reel. The location was on some tiny tailwater stream, an hour-and-a-half away from N
1-13 of 13 Results