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  1. Lakes
    This might be interesting for some of you guys/gals... Both of these brown trout were caught within hours of each other, in the same lake, in September a few years back. Both were females I think... although the "brown" fish may have been male.. (mating colors?) ...and pretty heavy into the...
  2. General Forum
    Heading up to pass lake this week to target browns before the end of the year. Had anyone fished it lately and what was working for flies would be a huge help. Thanks. Tight lines
  3. General Forum
    ....a little something different here. Fishing for, catching and releasing some pretty browns in Ireland:
  4. General Forum
    ...I've never noticed this blue patch behind the eye before... Been a busy couple months with my son's football schedule (and still in the playoffs), but finally snuck out Sunday evening in a steady rain, and every fish I caught the other night had this blue spot...looked it up and it seems to...
1-5 of 5 Results