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  1. General Forum
    More mischief... Some dingleberry transported more pike to the coast. The second one caught in Lake Washington, and he LET IT GO! http://nwsportsmanmag.com/2nd-northern-pike-caught-in-lake-washington-but-unfortunately-released/
  2. Anadromous
    For as long as I've been flyfishing for steelhead, I've been thinking of Atlantic salmon fly fishing and what it would be like. The Gaula in Norway was a river that always came to mind. Three weeks ago it fell into my lap when Jeremy Kehrein, of Orvis Travel, asked if I would like to host a trip...
  3. General Forum
    A new classic April Fools Joke as a father sends his daughter with an Autozone Coupon to get a free bottle of "Blinker Fluid" and to buy a "Bucket of Steam." https://countryrebel.com/blogs/videos/unsuspecting-sisters-become-internet-stars-after-dad-records-epic-reaction-to-blinker-fluid-prank
1-4 of 4 Results