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  1. Fly Tying
    Had a request to post a detailed tie of a winter favorite, the Bull Buster. It's a pretty simple pattern, nice and heavy, with multiple uses. Materials: -White Marabou -Various flash fibers (I use Ice Wing and Angel Hair in pink and olive, respectively) -Orange, Red, and White Ice Dub -UV...
  2. General Forum
    Anyone know if you can catch bulls in February???
  3. General Forum
    There is no bull about it--Bull trout are in trouble! No Bull: The Bull Trout Story May 23rd, 6pm Ben's Bottle Shop, Vancouver, Wa FREE Learn more about their side of the story and how monitoring and restoration efforts are being employed to bring them back. FREE. All are welcome at Ben's...
  4. General Forum
    Am I blind or has the articles section disappeared from the forum? I seem to recall an in depth article discussing the difference between bulls and dolly varden but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know if this is still around some place?
  5. General Forum
    Here is a painting that I recently finished. I have been enjoying catching these lately and have come to really appreciate the species. At a glance, they may look like a dull-colored greyish trout, but through observation and catching many excellent specimens, I have found that they vary a lot...
  6. General Forum
    Stunning video/photography. Good for a quick, Thursday morning shot of adrenalin: (If this has appeared B/4, it's worth a 2nd look.)
  7. General Forum
    Was up swimming with some friends today and my wife screams. I looked over and there was a massive bull trout swimming at our feet. We moved out of his pool and moved to some other pools. I am just wondering what the populations on the river are now. I obviously don't want to fish them but I...
  8. Bull trout colors

  9. Puget Sound Dolly

    Puget Sound Dolly
  10. Sauk 2/10

    Sauk Bull
  11. 2/10

    Bull 1 of 3 from same spot in run, in water about 1-2ft deep. All three about the same size.
  12. Bull head

    Bull Trout Head
  13. Beast Bull

    Made me wish I had bigger rod than my 6wt.
  14. Another Chrome Bull Trout

    Small, chrome bull that took a cone head rabbit leech on a type IV sink tip.
  15. First Dolly

  16. The Matador

    World Angler and Bull
  17. Arctic Dolly

    Word is these far north fish are directly related to west coast dolly/bulls. Genetically distinct from eastern arctic char.
1-20 of 49 Results