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    Hello Fly Fishing community. I have a rare gem here up for sale. I'm the second owner of this reel and the only reason why I'm selling is because I have 2...With that said. I would give this reel a 8.9/10. It's in perfect shape cosmetically, HOWEVER this reel has a slight tic in the drag...
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    Hello, Rod is sold Reel is Sold The Reel is in good shape, the typical lettering coming off, but other wise works good. Line not included with the reel. I'll cover shipping in the lower 48.
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    For sale used 8139-3 burkheimer spey rod. This rod is a real joy to fish. I however have limited use and time for this rod currently. Will ship free in continental US. $680 Cheers Drew
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    Now that I am sure I will not be doing anymore Winter Steelhead I am selling a great set up. C.F. Burkheimer 8139 Classic 7/8/9 13' 9" Spey rod. Very lightly used, mostly for casting practice. Tube, sock $750.00 o.b.o. 2 Hardy Marquis 2 Salmon reels. One virtually new, the other a little older...
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    Burkheimer 8139-4 Vintage with a spare tip. The road was made in in 2013 and is more of a heavier wt.7. For example 480 gr or 450 gr 34' Scandi floater + leader or 30-45 gr polyleader is perfect. Another option is Rio Scandi wt.7 body 370 gr + 90 gr wt. 7 tip. This rod has a similar taper to...
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    I had this rod made with a long barrel to accommodate either standard or long reel foot (think prewar Hardy Perfect). The rod is translucent blue and is in perfect shape no dings or scratches as is the cork and rod tube. Selling because my taste in rods have changed. $850 Con US please. Cheers,
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    Hey, Up for sale is this beautiful custom Burkie. Cork was turned by a speypage member with Burkheimer seat. OEM guides and check were installed to factory specs by a local rod builder in Eugene. Tip top wrap is a little heavy otherwise super nice. Blank is flawless and cork has minimal...
  8. Classifieds
    7 wt 13' 4" rod from Burkie. A true do-it-all-stick. Winter and summer ready. Classic build. Downlocking reelseat. Throws 525 - 540 skagit / 480 - 510 scandi / rage IMHO. This rod is fished, but in good shape. I'd say 7 or 8/10 overall condition. Comes with Burkie sock and tube. Pictures show...
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    FS Burkheimer 489-4 DAL Vintage Trout Rod. The color of this rod is Cobalt Blue, and the condition of this rod is New. Included is a new Rio Grand Fly Line. The price is $585 or best offer for this Beautiful Burkie!
  10. Gear/Technique
    FS Burkheimer 489-4 DAL Vintage Fly Rod. This Fly Rod's color is Cobalt Blue, and has never been used. Gorgeous Fly Rod. $585
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    Wanted to buy one of those rods, In good condition. Also I'm intrested Winston biix and bii-th in classes #6-#7 11'-12'6 Thank you!
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    WTB mint condition vintage Burkie rods 7127-4 8134-4 9145-4 [email protected] Jony Harlin FINLAND
  13. Gear/Technique
    I'm am looking to replace a 7wt that just ain't my cup of tea. I have it posted in the classifieds, (wink wink nudge nudge). Love my Beulah Onyx's and Winston micro spey with skagit heads and am currently interested to see what Burkheimer offers. I've narrowed it down to three. Any thoughts...
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    For sale is a gently used Burkheimer Classic 7134-4. Rod condition: 8/10 light scuffs on blank. Cork in excellent condition. Reel seat flawless. One scratch on rodtube. No name on rod. $700 and Santa will deliver to CONUS. Additional $25 for shipping to our friends north of the border. $650 if...
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    Hello all Looking for a Burkheimer 389-4 or 289-3 in Standard action or DAL, in very good to excellent condition. Let me know what you have that you may not be using, or are using and ready for a change. Thanks
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    Putting feelers out there for possibly swapping my 8142-4 mint condition Classic build Burkheimer for a similar condition 8139-3 OR 9145-4. $650 shipped if someone wants to take the rod off my hands. Actual shopping to Canada. PayPal or venmo.
  17. Gear/Technique
    Damn! I broke the tip section on my Burkie 8128 Sunday evening so I drove down to Washougal today to see about getting a new section made. When I walked into the shop, Randy Stetzer asked how soon I needed the new tip section, smiling just a little when I said "quite bit sooner than he could get...
  18. Classifieds
    This is a 9' 5" 6 weight in the Vintage DAL configuration. Blank is dark green. It is inscribed, "The Dude Abides" but don't think that will offend many folks; one of the great roles in cinema This was a gift; I fished this rod for about 2 hours from a boat; I had a brand new Sage Method I...
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    FS New Burkheimer Vintage 489-4 DAL Fly Rod in Cobalt Blue. The pictures in this thread do not do this little rod justice. The Reel Seat features a beautiful unusual wood insert. This Burkheimer retails for $835. Selling this rod for $675 or best offer.
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    Too many rods. 9' 4 weight classic series sea trout rod. Kind of too fast for my casting style, so decided to sell since im not using it. Retails for $835.00 pretty firm at $650. Fished once for about 15 minutes. As new. Beautiful rod.
1-20 of 34 Results