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  1. Classifieds
    This is an old UK made split cane rod. 10'6" long in excellent condition, tight popping ferrules and everything as it should be. I think it's original but the bag, if it's original, suggests two tips would have been provided, I only have 1 tip. The rod is labeled as a "salmon" rod but I'd...
  2. General Forum
    Nowadays you can buy a well built and well insulated single wide mobile home with about 900 sq ft for around $40K. Your friends will abandon you, you will be called "Trailer Trash", your relatives will no longer visit but you will be able to afford it and still have a modicum of room. But if you...
  3. Warm Water Species
    I'm going to pass on trout again and head back to the farm lake tomorrow. I figure if I can catch some fairly large bass right now, I shouldn't abandon a good thing. Beside, I put new batteries in the scale and am taking a spare so if I do catch something of decent size, in theory, I...
1-3 of 4 Results