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  1. Warm Water Species
    I'll be headed up to northern Manitoba with family this summer for a fishing trip focusing mostly on pike. I've never fished for pike before, let alone on fly, but I'm super pumped about it. From pictures I've seen, there are some big ol' pike up there. So, I wanted to ask what anyone with...
  2. General Forum
    I'm able to get 4-8 days off this summer, more likely In Sept-October. With the current currency exchange rate, it seems to be a perfect time to take a trip to Canada. Anyone have suggestions on places to fly fish on a budget or DYI style. I'm located in Montana so I'm not to far away.
  3. General Forum
    Hi I just joined from Kamloops BC Canada and am a stillwater fisherman. I tie flies, build rods, and chironomid fish. I have been doing it longer than I like to admit. Fishing in Kamloops started out really great, but the summer doldrums have hit. The temps are now cooling so looking forward to...
  4. Arctic Dolly

    Word is these far north fish are directly related to west coast dolly/bulls. Genetically distinct from eastern arctic char.
1-11 of 11 Results