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  1. Watercraft
    Looking at getting a trolling motor for my Old Town Discovery 164. Use will be primarily tidal rivers and sloughs. Interested in what motor people have/recommend and what mounting system you use/recommend. Thanks for the input. Kent
  2. Watercraft
    In 2012 my wife had an injury that expedited an early retirement and terminated our ability to Canoe tour. I started a simple trolling motor mount project but it got lost in the shuffle until a week ago when we decided to spring for a trolling motor for our 25th anniversary (We live the wild...
  3. Lakes
    @Matt B Last weekend I bought a very used 17' Easyrider Royalex Osprey canoe. A nice boat! This is really for keeping at my parents place for Port Townsend bay. Took it on a trial run to be sure it floats, with my two kids, and We would be doing fine, paddling our intended course, and then...
1-3 of 3 Results