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    Thanks. These are a good deal if anyone can use them Have both a Redington classic trout, new with warranty card,, case . 5 Wt And a echo carbon xl .. 6 Wt new in case. Remaining from the river clean up project 89.95 ... each. Pick up or add 13.29 shipping. Each PayPal is...
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    Thanks. I bought both a 5 and a 6 wt. ,, heard good reviews but wasn't sure on which one I wanted .. I like them both , doesn't matter which one I keep. But either one is for sale. Or I can return it but I paid 99. Which was a pretty good deal. Your choice. 9.29 shipping.
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    Orvis Superfine Carbon Fly Rod 7 ft 4 WT 4 Piece Lightly Used - Excl Condition Perfect small stream 4 weight rod **** Reel is Not Included****** This is the perfect Small Stream / pocket water rod, when you are fishing in a area that has so much Brush,shrubs, and trees it just wont...
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    Selling a Real Nice Orvis Superfine Carbon Rod 7' full flex 4 weight 4 pc rod.....No issues with this rod at all just needs a little cork cleaning . GREAT Dry Fly rod for those smaller spring Creeks & Streams and backed by Orvis 25 year warranty Includes rod sleeve and rod tube.. $325 shipped
  5. Anadromous
    I'm new to river fishing, but really enjoy and have learned a lot reading all your threads. Figure about time I started contributing for whatever it's worth. I get out about every weekend. Fished the Carbon above Orting this morning. Beautiful water, green and clear. Had a couple runs all to...
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    Very lightly used. Echo carbon 5wt 9' rod, Lamson liquid reel set up for left hand retrieve, Rio mainstream WF floating fly line. $200.
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    Latest version - 2 lb lighter than the last version! My tent - the newer lighter version which I'm selling with the footprint (normally an extra $60) is $450. Regular retail price is $600 for the tent + $60 for the footprint + about $66 for tax which means normal price is $$726. Cash - No...
  8. General Forum
    Swung by the local fly shop looking for a >8' 4wt rod on a budget end. They had a Redington CT at 8'6" and a Echo Carbon XL at 8'4", both are 4 piece rods and feel of similar price in the neighborhood of $150. I know the CT is a decent rod and the money would be well spent on that rod, is...
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    ***SOLD*** Perhaps the ultimate small-stream dry-fly rod. This Orvis Superfine Carbon 1 weight weights 1 ½ ounces, and the accompanying Battenkill I click pawl reel is less than 3. The full-flex action enables delicate presentations right on the money, and it makes an 8-inch brookie feel like a...
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    2016 version, assembled for demonstration but never used - perfect. Will sell for $400. Sorry: no trades and no PayPal. This is MSRs latest and greatest. Featuring carbon fiber poles, two full doors and two zipper-free vestibules. Ultralight: Lightweight fabrics, * carbon fiber poles, and a...
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    For Sale -an Echo Carbon fly rod. 9' 6 weight, 4 piece. Rod is like new, was only yard cast. Comes in factory sleeve and cordura tube withwarranty card. $75 shipped in USA. Thanks
1-12 of 12 Results