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    Here is an Sage double rod case in excellent condition. I kept my Sage SP 589-5 in it and a Sage SP 6wt 5 pc but I don't recall the length. It looks like a 24" section will barely fit, I would think a 9' would as well, not sure what the individual lengths of a 9 1/2' rod would be. $65 tyd.
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    thanks. I purchased this. New warranty card with a new cabelas case .. the tfo don't normally come with a case . Only reason I'm selling it. Is I picked up a lami glass si...2 pc from a friend. , Anyway. 149.00 9.95 shipping. These rods are tough , rugged cannons ...
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    Used twice, I fish 10ft rods and this serves me no use anymore. Holds 4-6 rods and many other essential pieces of gear. SOLD shipped continental US.
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    TFO Esox Rod, has been lawn cast but never fished. TFO Case sold Best Contact [email protected]
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    I have a 9' 4 piece 5wt with reel in excellent condition. Also travel case. $275/OBO
  6. Fly Tying
    Hello, An internet search brought me here I am wanting to build a travel set. I have a Renzetti Master (Home) and a Renzetti Traveler (Cabin). My search looked like some members here may have actually used the Traveler and that it fits well in the Pelican 1060 case. If someone could send me a...
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    This spring I'll be taking my first fly fishing trip that requires me to fly with 2 or 3 rods and reels. If anyone wants to unload a fly rod travel case, let me know.
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    A few items I am cleaning out of my closet: 1) Filson Mesh Vest - I just received this but decided I am not a vest guy. Size is medium but fits closer to a large. It appears this is from the outlet based on the tag, but the only thing I could find awry is the center snap seems to be backwards...
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    thanks for looking. , I bought this to with a reel a few yrs ago,, my son took the reel,, 25.00 shipped hope someone can use it. Jim
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    Got a Hardy M neoprene case for a 3 3/8" St George sized reel, thanks!!
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    thanks. For looking. This went with the sage rod for sale .. This has very light use ..in very very good condition .. These are just great smooth fine made classic reels .. I've moved to The seacoast and seldom trout fish ... I'm sure someone can use it 99.00. 9.95 shipping Comes with...
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    Anyone have a 63+" single you wish to part with that will accomodate a 10-footer plus reel??
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    Selling this Sage Ballistic rod case for dual rods. I used it for traveling in car and raft. I hate breaking down rods for trips so I used it to halve 9ft or 9'6" rods for quick assembly. Makes a great poor mans rod vault when strapped to a roof rack or raft side. 30$ local pick up only...
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    I've got a like-new Cabela's rod/reel case that will accommodate one four-piece combo up to 10' in length. "Cabela's Green" in color. $20.
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    Up for sale is a new Peerless 3A with paperwork, original box, and leather case. The reel is currently set up for left hand retrieve. The diameter of the reel is 3 1/4 inches, the outside width is 1 5/8 inch and the inside width is approximately 1 inch. The weight of the reel 5.7 oz. The line...
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    2 brand new things I came across in a mandatory gear clean out that I need to send on down the line .... Brand new, unused Cliff's Bugger Beast with an original leaping tarpon artwork by Jorge Martinez on it. I looked around and found that these sell for $200 on Ole Florida Outfitters...
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    Testing the water here! For Sale is a complete J-Vice with pro-Jaws ,Solid Oak base serial numbered, waste basket, and Travel Case! Asking SOLD plus ship Thanks If pics are requested just pm me.. Rod
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    A well preserved Orvis Umpqua fly reel made by Hart in the mid to late 70's. This is the earlier version of the reel with the slotted screw in the spindle. The screw was eventually replaced in later production models to change how the drag knob was removed. The reel was originally engraved...
1-19 of 33 Results