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  1. Gear/Technique
    Hi All, Pretty new to Spey casting and am looking for an easy-access river spot to practice and flail around on. Only requirements are some current, enough room, easy in/out access, and as close as possible to my house. Urban streams OK as long as they meet the above! Any suggestions? thanks
  2. General Forum
    I'd appreciate any suggestions about buying the best long line rod for use from my pontoon boat. I will be using it to cast a floating line using tapered leaders up to 30 feet in length. Lengths, rod weight, Manufacture, ect. I fish stillwaters in Washington and BC. Thanks Denny
  3. Gear/Technique
    Yesterday, at the Pasadena Casting Club in southern California, I was able to "test drive" various trout spey rods on the water and ended up buying one. The vendors (Manufacturer Reps) that were there: G Loomis Orvis Redington Sage Patagonia (freeze dried foods and clothing) Project...
  4. Classifieds
    Take 50% off prices shown! All items are in "Excellent" to "Like New" condition. Inquire about purchasing all remaining books at a discounted price. Payment through PayPal. Suggested shipping method: USPS Media/Book Rate. Very reasonable! If you teach casting, you may want to print this out...
  5. General Forum
    Question to those who fish in wet states: So yesterday it actually rained a decent 1/2" in Southern California (amazing since we are in a drought) as I was out fishing on the salt water bay and found that the wet weather caused my hands to loose grip with the cork grips.:( I was fishing with a...
  6. Gear/Technique
    hello good sirs or possible misses, does it sounds like the rod is under or overloaded during my current spey casting attempts; i am inclined to believe the former based on the following anecdotes. another possibility is i have unrealistic expectations of the load i want to feel in the rod. i...
  7. Gear/Technique
    I'm looking for someone here in Seattle that can show me, in a couple of lessons, the correct way to Spey cast. My first mistake was trying to learn it on my own. That was a joke and I am no longer attempting this until I get some lessons. I live in Bellevue and can meet someone locally. Any...
  8. Photography / Video
    In June my girlfriend and me went to Tirol/Austria for some camping, climbing and fishing in the mountains with our VW camping bus. After the first day of filming, we were super tired and had quite a steep and dangerous ascent in front of us to get to a path - there would have been a long and...
  9. Classifieds
    I have three DVDs for sale: RIO's Modern Spey Casting The Art of Spey Casting Metalhead I bought these from another member a couple of weeks back. Great starter videos, but I am now moving on to lessons. I was able to watch all of the DVDs. The RIO DVD has a cracked case and the DVDs are a...
  10. General Forum
    OPST and Puget Sound Fly Co. are teaming up this Saturday, July 23rd to showcase and demo OPST Commando Heads, for everything from your 3 weight single hander to your 9 weight 2 hander. We will have every size of Commando Head on hand for you to try out, so bring your rod and see which lines...
  11. General Forum
    I'm thinking of giving casting lessons as a gift to a friend, and/or perhaps buy them a book about it. Have you taken casting lessons before? Can you recommend a good book? I see that Joan Wulff has a recent book out. Has anyone read it? What are your overall recommendations? Thanks!
  12. Classifieds
    I signed up for a spey casting clinic with the Spokane Fly Fishers with Lee Davidson. It is on July 23rd at 9am. It will be for about a 3 hour lesson with three other casters on the Spokane River near Nine Mile Falls. Lee is a master certified casting instructor. He is very knowledgeable and a...
  13. General Forum
    We'd like to take this opportunity to let the good folks here know about a Spey Casting Class we're putting on. If you look at your calendar and don't have anything down for Saturday July 9th and you've always wanted to learn or improve your spey casting this would be a great class to attend...
  14. Skykomish Steelhead

    A beautiful Late Feb Nate brought in by Brian Paige.
  15. Sunday Spey Casting with Mike Kinney

    The Spey lineup Sunday AM at Ben Howard. Jeff is learning Spey basics with Mike Kinney.
  16. When its too hot to fish - Spey Cast (part 2!)

    Rob Zelk's pic made me laugh - here's our drift down the Sky on Monday. We floated Sultan to Ben Howard. Nice day, had a great time, but no fish.
  17. Action shot

21-40 of 41 Results