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    With FC Step in Fins and pump. This Fish Cat 4 has not been wet... Funny story (now). My son bought this as a replacement for mine which he took without asking and left somewhere. At least he was smart enough to buy a new one before he told me about it. Same thing happened to my 9' 4wt...
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    Fish Cat float tube for sale, used but in good condition. Stored indoors. Great for the spring openers. Asking 150$ OBO.
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    2016 Fish Cat Scout - blue/gray in color. Brand new/never taken out of the box. $585 or best reasonable offer. Brand new K-pump and top of the line self inflating PFD in their original packaging available for sale with the pontoon boat.
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    Well my sons girlfriend looks like she is going to be fishing with us for some time. She has not missed a trip now in 2 years. If anybody has a fish cat float tube in diecent shape shoot me a pm with a price please.
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    Hello all, Selling my OutCast Fish Cat Scout. It's been a great frameless pontoon, light and maneuverable. Absolutely nothing wrong with it at all, the reason I am selling is because I just bought a NRS raft to bring the kids along fishing. I've always taken good care of it, gentle use at...
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    Before spending $230 on aFishcat 4 from Cabellas It was suggested to me to post a WTB first. So anybody in this area have a float tube they'd like to sell? Cheers, Jim
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    I got divorced about 4 years ago, and bought this boat a year after anticipating that I was going to be fishing a ton. I loved that this boat has the standup bar option. The boat has been used exactly once, and it doesn't my fantasies of being the intepid fly fisher are going to happen...
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    Free to a good home. This bladder is over 10 years old but appears to be in very good shape. I changed it at my wife's insistance since both the bladder and I are elderly each in our own way. I will include the wrench if I can find it. No charge but I would like to have the postage covered. (I...
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    Super Cat Pontoon, 5' pontoons, seat straps convert to backpack straps so this pontoon can be carried on your back. $450.00. Boat is in excellent condition used less than 10 days New price for this boat is $650-$695. One set of original Force Fins (XXL) retail for $229.00 included. 509-551-5650...
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    SUPER CAT 1 by Killabite posted Apr 10, 2017 at 7:29 PMSUPER CAT 2 by Killabite posted Apr 10, 2017 at 7:29 PMSUPER CAT 3 by Killabite posted Apr 10, 2017 at 7:29 PMSuper Cat Pontoon, 5' pontoons, seat straps convert to backpack straps so this pontoon can be carried on your back. $450.00. Boat...
  11. Trip Reports
    Back from my winter DIY fishing trip. This year I went to Cat Island in the Bahamas. The trip was OK but I wasn't sure I'd do a post but since we had a dialog concerning DIY fishing in the Bahamas, I thought I'd better respond. There has been concern about fishing license and DIY fishing. I...
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    New, has never been wet. Identical to the panther with 8 foot gray toons. Asking $595, was $899 new
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    PM me if you have one...thanks!
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    Brand New. Costa Cat Cay blackout silver mirror 580G. $170 shipped
  15. Saltwater
    I rented a small 2 bdr house in Arthurs Town on Cat Island, Bahamas Feb 13-Mar 1. My fishing buddy had something come up and can't come. So, I will be there by myself. I am a DIY fisherman and main reason for trip is bonefishing. I know this is a long shot but if someone is interested, room is...
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    I have a old Hobbie Float Cat. It is the bigger one. I tubes are 6ft long, and the tube is rated for lakes only. I am not getting out to lakes at all. It has been outside and needs to be clean but is in good shape. It is all together and will come with oars. It is already to use. You can google...
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    Selling used once Super Cat 50 comes with waterproof rear seat bag & copper tubing in rear anchor system. asking $595 ship
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    A while back I noticed that the valve on my SFC was leaking a small amount of air. With the protective cap in place the boat lost no pressure but without the cap the boat would go soft overnight. I decided to get a new bladder anyway and ordered one up. After installing it I checked the valve on...
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    Wanted, 12 foot Maxxon Cat tubes or similar... need to be able to ship thanks
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    I have a Fish Cat 4 float tube that I no longer use and it is taking up space in my garage. I am located on Whidbey Island near Coupeville. It includes a stripping apron and carrying straps. I would like $75.00 or possible trade.
1-20 of 21 Results