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  1. Trip Reports
    Just got back from a month in the Patagonia region(Aysen) of Chile. Normally in the winter I try and go to Mexico or Belize to do some fishing, but this year a friend talked me into going to Chile. It wasn't too hard as I had lived there 40 some years ago as a peace corps volunteer. So, I raided...
  2. General Forum
    For those of your that have read other post you know I am addicted to far off places that aren't easily accessible. After experiencing Patagonia on the Argentina side for the past 12 years I thought I would try the Chilean Patagonia for 5 weeks on a do-it-yourself adventure. After 1,000 miles...
  3. General Forum
    I am looking for any help on do-it-yourself trips to Chile. I have a rental car and a pontoon boat for one month in Nov-Dec. I have fished Patagonia Argentina for the past 15 years and know it well, but I am wanting to try another part of Patagonia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. General Forum
    A friend and I have a couple of weeks to head out from Santiago and look for some fishing. We are not inclined to go to fancy lodges or fish with private guides. We both have traveled extensively and speak some Spanish, so we will probably fly or bus on to somewhere in the hills, rent a car or...
  5. Camping, Hiking, Cooking
    Found a great recipe for pork chile verde and tried it over the weekend. It takes some work but man, what a great late fall feast! All the peppers and tomatillos were fresh crop Yakima Valley produce in perfect shape. Serve with fresh corn tortillas and beer of your choice . . .I went with...
1-5 of 5 Results