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  1. Lakes
    I have been reading through a lot of the Stillwater threads and have noticed chironomids seem to be very popular. I will do some research of my own and watch a few videos but was wondering if the WFF had any helpful tips. I fish Stillwater a lot (given how much I get to fish, which isn't very...
  2. Fly Tying
    I was asked how I tied mine, so here is a video I shot. Tight lines Shawn
  3. Lakes
    In a separate post - I read that Brian Chen uses a "full sinking line deep water chironomid" technique which others on this board also uses. I am very curious to learn more about this method. I am a Stillwater guy who owns Intermediate/Type III/Type V full sinking lines and I don't like to...
  4. Lakes
    I have read about tying a second chironomid on for lake fishing by tying 18 or so inches of tippet onto the tippet above the top chironomid with an improved clinch knot and then tying your bottom chironomid to the end of this tippet. I did this today and it increased the number of takes I got...
  5. Lakes
    I am not a good chironomid fisher, those of you who are. I have a few questions what rod legth and weight do you use and why, I've read enough to understand the way to do it , but I'm wondering obout the gear your using. Thank in advance for your responces. Thanks Earl.
  6. Lakes
    While a chromie is probably one of my top two chironomid patterns regardless of what the naturals look like, there are many times a throat sample will show naturals are mostly dark or only have the shiny abdomen and the rest of the body is dark, whatever the respective body color is...
  7. Classifieds
    Those of you who are avid Chironomid fly fishers would appreciate one of these Mystic M 10'3" fly rods. I first learned of them from Phil Rowley last year. He was at the B.C. Outdoor show doing some roll casting demos. Now I've been through the major brand expensive fly rods and when I saw the...
  8. Fly Tying
    I want to tie up some quill body chironomids like this and have some ?'s for those of you that have tied similar flies. 1. I can't find a local source for stripped peacock hurls - where do you get yours? 2. The three brands I've seen online (Polish Quills, Veniard & trout...
  9. Entomology
    This afternoon I was fishing a Western Washington lake and the trout start sipping these guys off the surface. There was also a lot of chironomid pupal shucks floating on the top that looked very similar in size, color and segmentation to the flies. Are the shucks from the flies? Thanks in...
  10. Midge emerger

    My favoright midge emerger that my pe teacher showed me how to tie. I think this is probably just bob quigliy's calibaetis cripple on a striaght shank hook, but the fish dont care, they eat it till there is nothing left during heavy midge hatches on stillwaters.
1-20 of 34 Results