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  1. General Forum
    I have been getting pumped about my late May annual camping/fishing trip and just found out the road in to the lake has been closed due to a road washout.....I’m REALLY BUMMED. I have ten days off and the trailer loaded....but don’t know where to go...what may be a good alternative .... looking...
  2. Lakes
    Thinking of fishing Chopaka Thru-Sun. What's the crowds been like? Always afraid I won't get a camping spot even during the week. Fish some lakes in the Okanogon on the holiday weekend, we did ok but we lost fishing time to wind and hot weather.
  3. Lakes
    Would be interested in any reports on the conditions at Chopaka Lake, both road conditions as well as lake and fishing conditions. I've been going up there with friends early season for nearly 20 years, and know that conditions can vary dramatically from year to year, but this year has been...
  4. Lakes
    Always wanted to get up there, pending retirement does have advantages. Question: I know it's fly fishing only, but are Electric Motors illegal to use? I've been reading all that's available online to try to not look like a rookie....even though often times I still do. Any suggestions would be...
  5. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Its the one with the enclosed impeller. I think I left it at the campsite above the 2 outhouses.
  6. Chopaka head shot

    Trollin, Trollin, Trollin... keep them rainbows rollin.
1-8 of 8 Results