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  1. General Forum
    My buddy has entered a video in the OPST contest. I would really appreciate it if you watch his vid (of my sweet casting and catching) and give him a vote. https://opst.wishpondpages.com/show-us-your-media-2585317/entries/193112564 cheers, H
  2. Classifieds
    Salmon, Tuna, Halibut, Crab, bottom fish guide charter license is available for lease for 1 or possibly 2 years. Includes annual renewal fees, prepaid in full at the time of licenses issuance. Permit is good up to 8 rod endorsements. $6000/year
  3. Trip Reports
    I headed over to Herb's cabin this past Tuesday. Snoqualmie Pass bare and dry and not a lot of traffic so the trip was fast and uneventful. @Old Man likes to remind newcomers to look at the blue lines on maps. This road is less than a blue line but it takes us to a wonderful beach that's...
  4. Saltwater
    I live in the Puyallup area. Would anybody be able to give me some information about fishing for chum salmon? I have never tried fishing for them in the salt, but would be curious to try. Are there any beaches within an hour tops that you'd be willing to share? Are browns point or dash point any...
  5. Saltwater
    hi I’m looking for an all around line I can used for beach fishing on my 8wt. I was hoping of doing chum fishing but also didn’t know if there was some other type of salmon fishing I can do afterwards. I live in the Bremerton area and was told of a good area to fish chum nearby but don’t know...
  6. Saltwater
    Yesterday I went out fishing to chase after some sea-run cutthroat. The sea-run cutthroat fishing was lousy as I didn't hook any fish. I saw a couple of fish at an estuary where sea-run cutthroat are nomally feasting on chum fry this time of year. The weather and tide were perfact with a nice...
  7. Saltwater
    Since I've never put more thought into catching searun cutthroat than slapping on a pink or purple leech... I'm wondering about this migrating fry ambush concept. I'll be in Southeast AK for a week next month, and the place should be crawling with cutthroat. I have some 1"-1.5" baby chums and...
  8. Saltwater
    I am not new to the salt but moved from Seattle up to Camano this time last year. Is there a significant (or any) presence of Chum in the North Sound, Whidbey / Camano area in the fall to produce enough fry to make it worth tying up a bunch of Chum Babies when I could be spending my time tying...
  9. Saltwater
    I'm curious whether this poll will work as an early detection system. My thinking is that people can check the thread periodically to see when the waters are flush with chum babies. There are separate options for north and south Sound because I understand there is geographic variation in...
  10. Trip Reports
    Sitting in SeaTac on my home back to Montana after two awesome weeks on Vancouver Island. It looks like I am leaving at the right time, as there is a "Monster" storm hitting the PNW this weekend. Due to the drought this summer and low water conditions I spent most of my time on the exact coast...
  11. Saltwater
    anyone know wether or not we will be able do chum this fall in the sound?
  12. Saltwater
    Has anyone heard if we will be able to target chum this year? Even though they had MA10 closed to salmon fishing last year they opened it up for chum. I believe the chum and slivers come into some of the streams at about the same time, so that may cause them to not open the chum fishing. Anyone...
  13. 2006 Chum Swap Fly

    Hook- Gamakasu SC15 #2 Thread- Chartreuse Depth Ray Nylon Underwing- Chartreuse Poly Bear and Pearl Krystal Flash Body- Kilowatt Red #75 New Age Chenille
  14. Chum

  15. Chum Face

1-20 of 38 Results