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    I have too many 5weights and have been thinning all my rod selection (I have 3 moderate action 5weights now!). This rod is a classic moderate action 5weight presentation oriented rod, is in very good, but has been used a few times. I have the warranty card that has not been sent in yet...
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    I'm looking for a used Circa 489. Thanks. John
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    Selling my sage circa 589-4. I have used 2 days total on the Truckee River. I need a longer/faster rod to cover far bank "opportunities". Rod is in like new condition. $360.00 Price drop. Already bought replacement rod
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    DEAL PENDING... Everything is in new condition! The Sage Circa was new until yesterday and is a fantastic rod, just not a nymphing rod..which every friend of mine does primarily! I was actually out with a guide yesterday and landed 2 wild browns throwing a set with the Circa but I know it will...
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    Looking for faster action 5wt. Hoping for Sage Tcx or ZAxis
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    Brand new in the original plastic bag, but the tag is missing. got it a few months ago with the intention to build my first rod, but it seems like I will not get the time to do it anytime soon. I will throw in an new Orvis rod sock with it, pictures upon request $275.00: now reduced to $245.00
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    I have this great fly reel in very good condition along with the spool. It is set up for LH retrieve but can be changed. Comes with Hardy reel cover. Price $375.00 I cover shipping to US and Canada and Pay Pal Pics via email: [email protected]
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    have a "fished once on a lake where I was completely skunked" sage circa rod that looks pretty much like new, given that it is a little to similar to my other 4wt rod (Orvis Zero Gravity Mid Flex), I'm thinking in changing it for something a little faster, let me know if you have a Sage One 490...
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    New 4wt Sage Circa-$340 w blank warranty card. Awesome rod with Sage's new Konetic technology. PayPal is fine.
  10. General Forum
    All - Got a great deal on a closeout Sage Circa 3 Weight (7'9"). Live in Colorado and will make this my go to rod for Rocky Mountain National Park and all creeks I may encounter. Was wondering if anyone has any line recs for this rod? I am leaning towards the Rio Light Line but would really love...
1-10 of 10 Results