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    Ross CLA 6 for sale in excellent shape, rarely used as it was a backup reel for me. Will include backing and Rio Slickshooter running line. Has one small nick on the spool (shows in pic) which is cosmetic only. Buyer to pay shipping from BC. $150 USD
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    If anybody has a CLA they're not using & willing to part with. Thanks.
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    Brand new Ross CLA 2 spool-$70. Will ship in original box.
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    I have spools and only need the reel if you happen to have one. But I'd buy another reel and spool if you have reel and spool you don't want to separate.
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    I have a Redington Dually and Ross CLA #5 reel for sale. I also have some braid backing on the reel, rio slickshooter running line and 500g Rio skagit head with a type 4 or 6 (cant remember) sink tip on it. I used this setup twice since it was a spare. I'm cleaning the house and this needs to go...
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    Looking for a used CLA 5 for a new Spey setup, if anybody has one laying around they might like to pass on. THx
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    Reel used in park a few times to test-cast heavier rods/lines... All like new. (bad) pictures will follow if needed. $250 for reel Plus EXTRA spool. Shipping USA .. I think $10 will cover Priority more or less. PM me if you are interested.
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    Ross CLA 4 Grey Mist w/ Factory Pouch Rio Gold WF8F Line / Backing excellent condition SOLD
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    Selling a Ross CLA 4 Black reel, spooled with backing and line but never used. Includes a blank warranty card and Cortland Precision WF8I Clear Camo line. Completely surplus to my needs. SOLD. PayPal please, though local cash in PDX area is fine.
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    SOLD Barely used Ross CLA 2 Asking $100 local pickup. Western Washington. Buyer pays shipping CONUS
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    SOLD Barely used, with new Rio Outbound Short WF6I/S3 Reel case has a few chew marks from my puppy. But Reel is untouched, in excellent condition Asking $140 local pick up. Western Washington. Buyer pays shipping CONUS
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    These don't seem to be in stock anywhere anymore. Anybody got an unused one sitting around?
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    Looking for ross cla 4 spool in black, but if a grey will fit my black i may consider it. PM me how much you are willing to sell it shipped for
  14. Classifieds
    Prefer black but will consider others if the price is right. Thanks!
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    For sale a Ross CLA 6. Comes with backing, original box, and pouch. No scrapes or rash. Pictures on request. Asking $220.00 which includes shipping CONUS.
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    Looking for a switch rod reel for a 7 weight. Interested in the ross cla 5, if someone has an extra they are looking to sell. Any other suggestions welcome. Thanks
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    If anybody has an old CLA 4 reel that's gathering dust I'd be happy to take it off your hands.
  18. Lost, Found, Stolen
    Looks like an intermediate line and with sink tip. Found on a a beach on hood canal.
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    I found it in my staff without box. New condition. Never used. $185 + 10 shipping USA PayPal OK PM me if interested. Thank you.
  20. General Forum
    Despite the earlier thread about Amazon, which showed a Ross CLA spool being offered on Amazon for $1,038.95, you can still buy them directly from Ross (as least for a little longer). Ross currently has them on sale starting at $42 each. They appear to be pretty limited in stock for the gray...
1-20 of 22 Results