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  1. General Forum
    It's almost that time of year again: fly-tying class season! Many clubs in the area offer classes but I'm a bit biased being a member of the Evergreen Fly Fishing Club. Starting in January the EFFC will be presenting our annual 12-week fly-tying class. We begin with the basics and work up to...
  2. Gear/Technique
    I am thinking (only thinking at this time) of building my own bamboo fly rod. Is there anyone in the Puget Sound area that teaches bamboo rod building classes? I have repaired a few old bamboo and fiberglass rods and built a few graphite rods with some success. I started out about 6 years ago...
  3. Fly Tying
    Are there any in the Everett, was area?
  4. Anadromous
    Are there any tying classes in the Everett,wa area.
  5. General Forum
    Hey y'all! New member here! I was curious as to if a forum could be made where folks can post workshops, classes, events, volunteer work/work parties, social gatherings, etc?! As an avid angler, I would like to get involved in as many opportunities as I can not only in reference to fishing...
1-5 of 5 Results