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  1. Saltwater
    This is duplicate and I cannot delete it, sorry
  2. Saltwater
    I know the Squaxin tribe has planted hatchery, fin clipped coho on South end of Vashon and south end of Whidby island in the past per a you tube video I saw last winter. Rumor has it they are no longer planting Ressies. Where is the current batch of ressie size fin clipped coho coming from...
  3. Conservation
    http://www.okanoganhighlands.org/education/hw If you live anywhere near Tonasket, WA or are planning on a trip to the NCW here is your chance to join in and be educated by my friend "Woody" (Kent Woodruff). Kent is a retired Forest Service guy who used to live in Oroville and now in the...
  4. General Forum
    cabelas evidently has a line on http://www.cabelas.com/product/eagle-claw-sweetheart-glass-fly-rod/2318533.uts
  5. OHF2

1-5 of 6 Results