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  1. Saltwater
    This is a belated gift idea since Christmas is past, but here is a great gift idea ongoing and also just to share with others. See pic of SRC I put on the back of a small fly box. Great artist and purchased on ETSY :) I will be happy to share the artist info and I would bet many of you know him.
  2. Saltwater
    Check out this video, great saltwater action. Mems.
  3. Saltwater
    I saw this video on Keine's board and thought I would share. It is so much fun to catch bonefish. It is also very hard to get them to eat in Hawaii, as many of you have found out. Bahamas ans Christmas Island are my favorite places to catch hungry bonefish. Palmyra was the easiest place to...
  4. General Forum
    It is cool to see a 20 foot riffle boulder pool section of small creeksized river have crystal clear water and still not see the cutthroat until they come out of every crevass and look like silver bullets when the caddis fly goes by much like my cat used to come out from underneath the...
  5. Watercraft
    Just sharing. Pretty nice little rig at a very reasonable price. Should be able to throw in back of pickup. I have 2 Zodiacs already so don't need a third. Thought someone might want to pick up. https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/boa/d/zodiac-inflatable/6225488860.html
  6. Lakes
    After a couple of days in tricities I was feeling the call of NEO big time. Yesterday I headed up the hill to see if the ODFW had brought the big boys to the lake yet. The answer was positive. Fishing was ok for the middle of the afternoon on a real busy day. The campground was full and...
  7. General Forum
  8. General Forum
    A few cool things happened tonight while fishing. First cool thing; an eagle was very persistent in trying to catch the ducks on the water. I watched it try a dozen or so times in a 5 minute span. Second cool thing; I caught the second biggest fish out of the lake for me so far. Third cool...
  9. Anadromous
    Nice quick steelhead vid in ugly water. Never seen time lapse done like this before, looks quite busy. Do you think it's the same fish?
  10. General Forum
    Pretty rare...And some pretty fish... Except this one...had some head deformity and discoloration...Noticably darker and looked like it was beat with a ball-peen hammer. Back to pretty... And nicely sized...heavy enough with exploring the underwater jungle... And back to pretty...In...
1-13 of 13 Results