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  1. Camping, Hiking, Cooking
    I already posted this in Stillwater forum before realized this one existed. I'm wanting to hike up to the lakes past Evan's this summer. I tried a few years ago and didn't make it due to slow pace and running into a huge rock wall. Was hoping someone who has hiked into these lakes can offer some...
  2. General Forum
    Youngs lake: Bass are biting on the North end. Trollers are catching cutthroat trout 15-18 inches. Chester Morse lake: Rainbow trout and Kokanee is starting to pick up. Flyfishers are catching Whitefish off the mouth of the Rex river. Note: please release Pygmy Whitefish. Refer to the Wdfw...
  3. Lakes
    I am curious why WF&G justifies planting 660+ triploids in Campbell Lake. As I have been informed by the Region 4 Biologist, these triploids are purchased from private sources at a cost of $5.00 per fish planted. But nobody complains why WF&G cannot plant 200 catchables in Pass Lake (a Catch...
  4. Trip Reports
    I've wanted to catch a Golden Trout for a long time, and since moving to Washington four months ago I've been studying stocking reports and maps of high lakes. I figured Labor Day weekend was a good time to try a lake that had been relatively recently stocked with them (2012), where almost...
  5. Lost, Found, Stolen
    I believe I left a Cabelas gear bag at Lost lake Thurston county. Several fly reelas and a Sony camera. Reels are Cabelas Prestige with intermediate line and floating . Hoping someone found them. And several fly boxes of flies.
  6. Lakes
    Looking for decent lakes in Kitsap county to cast some flies into willing to travel though if the fishing is right at other areas
  7. Another King County LargeMouth

    This 20" largemouth bass took a crawdad fly. This is the third big bass for me in two outings this season! yeah!
1-8 of 8 Results