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    Used 1 time, in brand new condition with box. $50 shipped OBO.
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    Selling a real nice Lamiglass 10wt rod. G1298-10 Mod-Fast action. Its a king salmon rod for sure! Asking $125 Redington Delta 9/10 is in great working condition! Has 25lbs Amnesia 100ft of it. And 30 lbs Backing. The drag on this reel is insanely strong! Asking $125 Reel comes with a reel...
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    Looking for new-in-box delta spey (mint green) multi-tip sets of Gen 1 in all weights: 7/8 8/9 9/10 10/11 If willing to sell, please pm with your all-in selling price of the item + shipping + PayPal fee. I don't carry iPhone so will generally respond in mornings or evenings. Thx.
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    Hi gang, If you have one sitting around unused or with limited use that you are considering parting with please let me know! Thanks!
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    I took my son in law on a Striper trip yesterday in the Delta. He's new to fly fishing, been at it for about a year with dubious instruction from his father in law. I wanted to get him on some anadromous fish, and that we did--about 70 to hand between the two of us. That's the good news. The...
1-6 of 6 Results