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  1. DeschutesResize.jpg

    A look at the Deschutes River fires extent
  2. Lost, Found, Stolen
    My father lost his GoPro camera on the Deschutes river above Maupin. He of course did not put his name on it. He set it on the ground when he went to take a pee. He was on the train tracks side of the river either slightly above or just below Long bend access point - says he was not paying...
  3. Anadromous
    I heard from a reliable source that the designation for the Deschutes river up to the Warm Springs Indian reservation has been changed to navigable. Seems pretty wild since it has been such a major holdout for so many years. A bummer for the trout clubbers but pretty awesome for folks drifting...
  4. General Forum
    I'm thinking about picking up a new single handed trout rod, specifically for dry flies on the Deschutes and other northwest rivers. I'm torn between picking up a 4wt or 5wt. I'm considering a used or closeout Sage Circa in 589-4 or 489-4, or a Burkheimer DAL in either 4 or 5wt, essentially a...
  5. Trip Reports
    Went out Tuesday after class and then got an email while I was driving out from my teacher saying that my Wednesday class was canceled as well (thank you fish gods), got the last campsite at Mecca and fished Tuesday evening and then Wednesday morning until about 9 and then Wednesday evening...
  6. General Forum
    The end of a trip always brings mixed emotions: sadness that the trip is over but happiness to be home. But soft; I wax poetic. This is about the big D: central Oregon's Deschutes River, baby! We got off the river yesterday afternoon after having put in on Tuesday evening. It was a great trip...
  7. Photography / Video
    Had a nice time chucking flies on the Middle d yesterday. Caught a couple fish and managed to take a photo worth sharing.
  8. General Forum
    For those of you that haven't heard, the Deschutes is in serious jeopardy . Please check this out and join in the fight to get OUR great river back!
  9. Trip Reports
    On the way home from my excursions scouting deer in the Upper Deschutes unit in Central Oregon I have had time to do a little fishing on the Big D below Warm Springs on my way home. Here are a few of the beauties I hooked the past two weekend. Enjoy.Deschuteds Redside by surfnsully posted Aug...
  10. General Forum
    http://www.oregonlive.com/sports/oregonian/bill_monroe/index.ssf/2016/08/deschutes_steelhead_give_way_t.html This is cause for concern. Bass invading the lower Deschutes is not good. Evidently the water temps have risen to a point where smallmouth (and at least one LMB) have felt very...
  11. General Forum
    Me and my girlfriend are looking into floats in the Oregon area in mid to late August. We've floated the Deschutes from Warm Springs to Maupin, but I'm interested in trying the lowest section from Buckhollow to the mouth. My main question is will there be good opportunities for both steelhead...
  12. General Forum
    After weeks of nearly jumping out of my skin in anticipation my brother and I could set off on a dream trip on the Deschutes. We met up with our guide in Madras and made the short drive to the put-in at Warm Springs. My original plan was to hit the stonefly hatch and avoid the crowd that seems...
  13. underwater redside

    deschutes river...salmonfly hatch
  14. Deschutes Redsides

    Deschutes rainbow caught during 04 salmonfly hatch.
  15. Deschutes Brookie

    Upper Deschutes brook trout
  16. Deschutes River Hottie

    A hot redside takes me upstream eventually breaking me off on the rock to the left.
1-20 of 26 Results