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    Beautiful lake fly fishing Pram. $750 firm
  2. Classifieds
    Slightly used Dog Fish fly pram. $750 Firm. Very stable, rows well, tracks well, carpeted, includes two waterproof side storage compartments, battery box under lid up front, wired, moveable seat, oars, two lead anchors, rope, anchor drop with base, sweet fishing machine.
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    Super excellent fly fishing pram- very lightly used. Wired for electric motor. Boat only. $900
  4. General Forum
    we have a dog who likes to go walkabout. Anybody have any recommendations on an in ground electric fence system? Much appreciated.
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    Someone stole mine out of my truck.
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    Seal Line 40L Widemouth duffel in "find me" orange, brand new, never used, never wet - $60 ($90 new) William & Joseph Satchel pack - never used - $40 Ruffwear XL Swamp Cooler dog vest, - http://www.ruffwear.com/Swamp-Cooler-Cooling-Dog-Vest - new, never used/worn - $25 Shipping not...
  7. General Forum
    I have no fishing stories, short on alternative facts as well. As I sit home anxiously awaiting a window in the weather so I can chase some steel (or anything), I came across this video. Heard the story before, but it's a good video and a must for dog lovers...
  8. Cast & Blast
    Well the weekend before Thanksgiving I headed east to Idaho and brought home our new English Setter pup Daisy and then on Saturday after Thanksgiving I bought myself a new upland gun for my birthday :) Below is our beautiful new family member and I purchased a CZ USA Teal, which is Cabela's...
  9. Cast & Blast
    So yesterday I go out hunting and miss shots on two pheasants. They were running birds and I really should have had the second one. The dog gave me a dirty look on the second one. Today we went out again. This time he was taking no chances. Two birds brought back to me without firing a shot...
  10. Cast & Blast
    My 2 year old GWP is a great dog. She's eager, listens well, and is overall an awesome dog. She hunts and points but I have been too busy to get out and really hunt her - so she's still not steady to flush. She'll retrieve and I can get her to retrieve dead birds (even though she still...
  11. General Forum
    We just rescued Avi, a two year old Great Pyrenees. He thinks he's a lap dog!
  12. Anadromous
    My new buddy is studying up for the big leagues. Finney.... 9 weeks old.
  13. Camping, Hiking, Cooking
    Thanks to Bob Triggs annual chili dog cleansing diet has given me a thought (cue drum roll).....the first annual WFFF CHILI DOG CHALLENGE!! here's the rules. Do your own cooking, post the package of dogs, buns, cheese, and you gotta make your own chili beans! and don't forget the...
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1-19 of 19 Results