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  1. General Forum
    Streams of liquid lava flowing beneath solidified surface 20 June 2021
  2. Photography / Video
    Had a fun time this weekend exploring above Franklin Falls.
  3. General Forum
    Share your good photos and video here. (continued "monthly" photo thread from the photography sub-forum) ------------- Enjoying the drone thing. Think of my background as an old remote control model flyer at Marymoor Park in Redmond along with being a fly angler ... with a side in...
  4. General Forum
    Something to think about... www.weeklystandard.com/labash-drone-assisted-fishing-is-real-and-its-pathetic/article/2011289
  5. General Forum
    Nope, not referring to any use for fishing. I used to fly an RC helicopter, but got tired of endlessly replacing parts due to my inept flying skills. I'm intrigued by the claim they are much easier to fly, more durable, plus being capable of airborne photography. And yes, if I end up buying...
  6. General Forum
    Do any of you use a drone for photography while fishing? I have seen Todd Moen's work and it is great. I'm looking for people who are using drones themselves to get photos and video while fishing. I have looked at a number of possibilities from the toys to the expensive ones? Is anyone using...
  7. General Forum
  8. General Forum
    I was out on a Seattle area river yesterday. Great fishing. I had the place to myself. Anyway, I found a nonfunctional drone and it appears to have been out of commission for a long while. I grabbed it, mostly because it's river garbage now. Anyone else ever encounter one? What's the...
  9. Lakes
    Hi, Fished Amber last Friday and Saturday evenings. Was very good to the right of boat ramp. Mayfly dries and emergers and streamers. So, both evenings a couple people showed up to throw power bait. They harvested fish out both nights. I think it would be fun to take a drone there and buzz...
1-10 of 10 Results