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    Blank: CTS Affinity M Taper 8'6" 5-weight Blank Finish: Clear Coat (Looks Glossy Grey) Grip: 7" Supergrade RHW Reel Seat: Solid Lemke Single Up-locking Black Nickel Guides: Single Foot Titanium Coated Chrome Thread Work: Grey w/ white accents Overall Weight: 2.75 ozs Comes with handmade rod...
    $560 USD
  2. General Forum
    I am looking for some suggestions for a purposeful built dry fly rod, with requirements listed below. For context, I currently use a Sage LL 490 Graphite III. Perhaps the one I own now is the ideal rod, but if there are better rods I would be willing to buy it just to try it out. I already have...
  3. General Forum
    I have a Sage SP 389-5 that I'm looking to outfit with a new line. Looks like a bunch of people here prefer the Rio Lightline or Airflo Super Dry Elite for this type of a rod. Rio claims that their Lightline is actually weighted correctly for "classic" rods like the SP, and the Airflo Elite...
  4. Fly Tying
    A modification of the U.K. Popper Hopper. Notional tying sequence, feel free to adjust the color palette. hook - Mustad 3906 #6 thread - UTC 140 red flash - Krystal Flash pearl rib - brassie wire gold underbody - dubbing red body - Rainy's Foam Cylinder yellow hackle - hen furnace mash barb...
  5. General Forum
    Just bought a 4wt Douglas Upstream and only plan to use this rod for dry fly fishing. I've been looking at the RIO Trout LT, and possibly the DT version of the same line. Any preference on one of the 2 and why? And any other recommendations?
  6. Classifieds
    Brand New. $20 shipped in CONUS.
  7. Classifieds
    Anyone have a Danielsson Nymph or dryfly reel collecting dust? Thanks Jon
  8. General Forum
    Love the streamer thread but lets not forget about the Dry fly action... Love seeing heads pop up for size 20 BWO...
  9. Trip Reports
    For the last day of fishing I hit the San Joaquin river in devils post pile national monument.... Woah, what an amazing place. The hiking and scenery were jaw dropping, and the dry fly fishing was phenomenal - my best day of dry fly fishing ever. They weren't big- 10" browns and 8-10" bows, but...
  10. Trip Reports
    Drove to Utah to drop my kid off at the University of Utah to begin his college years and got a chance to fish with a guide to the headwaters of the upper Weber river located near Peoa, UT. This was my second trip to Utah with the same guide - first trip was nymphing for monster browns where I...
  11. General Forum
    I'm looking to get a new dry fly rod, a rod that I only use for dry flies. I know I will need to test for my self but figure this is a good way to see others thoughts and get a good idea where to start. I'm open to any price range but would prefer to keep it on the lower end. I am really...
  12. General Forum
    This my second year of dry fly fishing in the cascades and olympics after having done beach fishing for the past 7 years. This post is meant to be fun and helpful at the same time. Feel free to add Do check the eyelets of every fly you buy in shop before buying them. I have had tendancy just...
  13. General Forum
    Hey folks, Going to be heading out to the Idaho Panhandle here this weekend. Two questions: 1) Any recommendations for areas to start on the North Fork Coeur D'Alene, or other tribs. to hit nearby 2) Campground Recommendations? I know guys are pretty selective with information they may be...
  14. General Forum
    Hey folks just looking for some advice on if there is any dry fly river fishing to be had in North West Washington. I live in Vancouver B.C and was hoping to both explore Washington a little and also get some dry fly or nymph fishing done for resident river trout. The closest resident river...
  15. Photography / Video
    Well I got my hands on a camera again - small stream, small fish, big fun - Enjoy! watch on youtube - in HD! :)
  16. Fly Tying
    Check out this video from the UK. Truly revolutionary!!!
  17. Classifieds
    If you have one for sale please pm me! Thanks guys.
  18. General Forum
    Fellow fly anglers! I'm driving up to the upper Skeena with a friend on a self-guided trip leaving next Friday, but we've had a few people in the party cancel last minute. I'm looking for up to three people to join us for a week of fishing, based out of Banner Moutainlodge south of Smithers...
  19. General Forum
    A board member made it into the Steelheader's Journal with his fly!!! Congrats An!!!
1-20 of 27 Results